Welcome to The LZ Compound: A 30 Acre Automotive Dream

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Adam LZ

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Welcome to our new home: This Florida facility is filled with 65,000 sq/ft of buildings that haven't been used in over 5 years. Words can’t explain how unbelievable this place is - it still doesn’t even feel real.
Filmed by Divine/Krispy - Edited by Divine
Divine - eepost.info
Krispy - eepost.info
Fifth Third Bank - www.53.com/content/fifth-third/en.html
Stockworth Realty - www.stockworth.com
Thumbnail by @stxcks
S13 240SX 500WHP
Forged SR20DET (2.0l)
Top Mount Garrett G25-550
BC 264 Cams
DW 1200cc Injectors
DW400 Fuel Pump
Ignite Red Fuel
Nitto NT555 G2 265/35/18

Alex_ 3 tundi tagasi
Congrats man, keep up the nice vids
The Music Heart
The Music Heart 11 tundi tagasi
That 240sx looks like the one I customized in nfs underground 2
Hrjf Jfktk
Hrjf Jfktk 16 tundi tagasi
CoxyzWorld Päev tagasi
Absolutely brilliant Video Adam, congratulations to you and your team. Also really nice to see the S13 too 👌😎 ... Been a while since its you've sent it on your channel! :D
潘凜凜 Päev tagasi
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera Päev tagasi
When she came out with the z I cried I little bit that was cool asl 😂😂
Nicole Lafleche
Nicole Lafleche Päev tagasi
My family were the people who owned this place!! I grew up visiting here for the last 15 years! If you have any questions please let me know!
Boomer Paschall
Boomer Paschall 2 päeva tagasi
Ata freak'in boy
VR Customs
VR Customs 2 päeva tagasi
And I'm strugling to park somewhere my 2nd car and I'm not even living in city. #europe
Rusty Petunias
Rusty Petunias 3 päeva tagasi
My old house! And my in-laws! The garages look great with your cars, but seems so weird without ours there. We only have 3 left out of the whole collection. We have so many stories, and photos from the beginning to when we left.
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow 4 päeva tagasi
Let's Goooo !!! I want more and more and more ... this is an abnormal rush of adrenaline and I want more , this is a very good vlog full of action ... uuuffff ... I just haven't experienced shots and scenes like this yet ... I have no more words ..except that ... I want more of this ... greetings from distant Croatia
Malusi Somzana
Malusi Somzana 4 päeva tagasi
That intro video!😫🔥👌
Peter Houston
Peter Houston 5 päeva tagasi
Nek minnut... cease and desist from Ken Block 😂😂
Joey Beaudry
Joey Beaudry 5 päeva tagasi
This is not a video. This is a movie.
kyle Joslin
kyle Joslin 6 päeva tagasi
so when are you gonna turn one of the shops into an indoor bmx park
Sameen H
Sameen H 7 päeva tagasi
heres a video on the compound i found eepost.info/my/video/yG-AmqSTpmimy6E.html
Jadajada 7 päeva tagasi
FD PRO 1 ON the compound
Takumi VS
Takumi VS 9 päeva tagasi
found youtube clip the compound in 2016 been advertised eepost.info/my/video/yG-AmqSTpmimy6E.html
clutch marine
clutch marine 9 päeva tagasi
I hope I remember me whe I moved to go last year I met u at the pizza place next to the laundry mat I was in my old black car n u had ur white n red skyline with the red tint windows rwd how u been bro
GopnikUSA 9 päeva tagasi
Our Florida Man is Back!
Billy B
Billy B 10 päeva tagasi
4 years ago adam would build an awesome skatepark in this place.
mick smith
mick smith 10 päeva tagasi
Man remember seeing stuff on bobs s40 collection. Guy had some awesome cars. Almost one of everything
bobino _
bobino _ 10 päeva tagasi
bro watchin this man for seven years has been a journey
Emanthegman 11 päeva tagasi
Lz khana
whats the behind the scenes drifting song called?
TEJAS SHARMA 11 päeva tagasi
Happy birthday 🎉🎉
chris floyd
chris floyd 12 päeva tagasi
Mark Sanders
Mark Sanders 12 päeva tagasi
Yo you got that sandblasting room ima sandblaster I can do all the parts you could think of lol let me come work for you
Lauren Noche
Lauren Noche 12 päeva tagasi
Watching this made me cry this video makes me SO happy
Blake Dewitt
Blake Dewitt 13 päeva tagasi
Blu 13 päeva tagasi
eepost.info/my/video/yG-AmqSTpmimy6E.html Adam I found this randomly in my recommended from your videos
KinoGamer 13 päeva tagasi
Fuckng dream! Xoxo from a Brazilian Fan!
Randomguycommenting 13 päeva tagasi
eepost.info/my/video/yG-AmqSTpmimy6E.html Here’s the compound
Hyago Lopes
Hyago Lopes 13 päeva tagasi
Quem véi pelo vídeo do Adriel machado
Alex's Plays
Alex's Plays 13 päeva tagasi
eepost.info/my/video/yG-AmqSTpmimy6E.html take a look, the old owner of the compound
James Schug
James Schug 13 päeva tagasi
Jan Q
Jan Q 14 päeva tagasi
This is like gta v in real life
PissWeak 14 päeva tagasi
Was having a sip of my coffee at 2:20 and almost sparayed my tv 😂
dafid Phillips
dafid Phillips 14 päeva tagasi
Adam you needa bring bert back to check this place out and have some pb n j pizza😅
Miles Anna
Miles Anna 14 päeva tagasi
Congrats bro living my dream life
Robert Orosz
Robert Orosz 15 päeva tagasi
Rhys Higgins
Rhys Higgins 16 päeva tagasi
T1bud 42
T1bud 42 16 päeva tagasi
V H 16 päeva tagasi
I found the address for this place on another EEpost video
firi413 16 päeva tagasi
O wRT 16 päeva tagasi
jdm, creativity, positive vibes ... huge content coming ... just perfect ! this success is the most fair thing happened to Adam I remember watch him on his bmx now look at this . LEGITNESS
M0N513R_-_3N3RGY 17 päeva tagasi
M0N513R_-_3N3RGY 17 päeva tagasi
This is your compound
Kristof Verlinden
Kristof Verlinden 17 päeva tagasi
Arek 17 päeva tagasi
haha just found this Adam eepost.info/my/video/yG-AmqSTpmimy6E.html not sure maybe someone posted already
Ben 17 päeva tagasi
Hey Adam I’ve been a fan since you posted Bmx before it even got big. Always thought of you are a cool dude but money changed you like everyone says about other EEpost hits. But man, I’ve got to say thank you. You’ve been an inspiration for all kinds of guys. I’m glad you’re living your best life but save some of the girls for the rest of us!🤟🏽
Unknown Perso
Unknown Perso 17 päeva tagasi
“This one building isn’t even 1/10 of the land” How will u use all of that dam land?
Jacob Eubanks
Jacob Eubanks 17 päeva tagasi
bro really made forza irl
Leo Andersson
Leo Andersson 17 päeva tagasi
Did anyone see the way she put in the straw in his mouth hahahaah
Cody Stewart
Cody Stewart 17 päeva tagasi
Cody Stewart
Cody Stewart 17 päeva tagasi
Found this, lol
Zane Plays
Zane Plays 18 päeva tagasi
How is the kid drifting
Spadez Performance
Spadez Performance 18 päeva tagasi
eepost.info/my/video/yG-AmqSTpmimy6E.html I found a link to a old video of the shop with the old onwer petty cool to see love the vids
QBooows 18 päeva tagasi
my man's got a real life gta garage
jcriley76 18 päeva tagasi
I absolutely love seeing people doing well! What a sensation that place must be!
Ry Ry on fn
Ry Ry on fn 18 päeva tagasi
u was watching your old vid and wanted a bike from it and didn't know you didn't sell them anymore
Luis Dasilva
Luis Dasilva 18 päeva tagasi
Click the link
Luis Dasilva
Luis Dasilva 18 päeva tagasi
Rene Ros
Rene Ros 19 päeva tagasi
the beginning reminded me of a video game
Oscar Rabago
Oscar Rabago 19 päeva tagasi
this place is going to end up in a video game at some point i promise.
Richie Albert
Richie Albert 20 päeva tagasi
If it ever gets to a point you should do a car giveaway, that would be so cool!
JCusson 20 päeva tagasi
I liked after the first 10 seconds, the beginning of the video is a masterpiece
Jean Desbouquets
Jean Desbouquets 20 päeva tagasi
Gymkhana vibes
misto_autismo 20 päeva tagasi
thats a GTA 10 car garage brooo
alex lim
alex lim 20 päeva tagasi
this is what it looked like with cars on the lifts eepost.info/my/video/yG-AmqSTpmimy6E.html
Daraygun 20 päeva tagasi
Bro, you are living the dream, good job
Timothy Robert
Timothy Robert 20 päeva tagasi
L vdB
L vdB 21 päev tagasi
Teddy hybrid
Teddy hybrid 21 päev tagasi
Jujuan Reilly
Jujuan Reilly 21 päev tagasi
This man is on top right now.
David Garside
David Garside 21 päev tagasi
Need more drift videos like this had the biggest grin on my face throughout the entire beginning of this video
ul3m8 21 päev tagasi
Holy shit that intro was nice!!!!
Mack Woo
Mack Woo 21 päev tagasi
You should make a movie about street drifting illegally but obviously done on set
Justin H
Justin H 21 päev tagasi
I remember when he was having problems wit the cream car now it’s good
50 Channel
50 Channel 22 päeva tagasi
New version of Ken Block
DeViL dUdE
DeViL dUdE 22 päeva tagasi
Had to do it gymkahna style
James Kurz
James Kurz 22 päeva tagasi
The totally unnecessary tree cutting... The tiny shovel XD
Dante' 22 päeva tagasi
Adam officially has a GTA online level garage
Dark meliodas
Dark meliodas 23 päeva tagasi
Buy an ae86 now
Jace Racing
Jace Racing 24 päeva tagasi
13:08 me seeing Adam on a bike... *epic flash backs*
JEANIUS FILMS 24 päeva tagasi
WTF This Video is INSANE!!!!
Bobby’s life 101
Bobby’s life 101 24 päeva tagasi
Just drove your car in TorqueDrift
Tyler Penberthy
Tyler Penberthy 24 päeva tagasi
Awesome vid👑💨
tv tv g/L
tv tv g/L 24 päeva tagasi
woooow hello 350z nice ride
Brandon Wong
Brandon Wong 25 päeva tagasi
bro the 180 to reverse got me fucked up
Nathaniel Fortier
Nathaniel Fortier 25 päeva tagasi
Dan 25 päeva tagasi
my GTA garage didn't even look that good
Lalo San
Lalo San 25 päeva tagasi
That was the most amazing intro I ever seen. Most of time I fast forward but this intro I watched it the whole way!!!!! Keeep it up bro 📈📈💯
RcNickster 25 päeva tagasi
Yeah man That was awesome. What a great spot to grow!!! I mean as a car guy not a Grow-op.. Although????? Thanks for sharing and a new SUB here
Devin Reynolds
Devin Reynolds 25 päeva tagasi
Why she jam the straw so far in his throat though
Чапа Коля
Чапа Коля 25 päeva tagasi
На каком языке он говорит? Он чего, не русский что-ли?
Robert Kotevski
Robert Kotevski 25 päeva tagasi
Congratulations mate, well done
CHUCK 26 päeva tagasi
Been here since the first e46 this is crazy
Adrian Gangan
Adrian Gangan 26 päeva tagasi
Love all of your car also your R34. Subscriber from philippines
Vibe_ Snipez_
Vibe_ Snipez_ 26 päeva tagasi
Me shocked how adams life is a literal movie Pro BMX to Pro Drifter
Jimmy Kongkousonh
Jimmy Kongkousonh 26 päeva tagasi
I put that beginning part in the same class as the clive owen BMW short films.....BADASS!
AOD 0 26 päeva tagasi
Stranger 🙀👈🏼
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