Updates on the Most Expensive Cars!

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Adam LZ

19 päeva tagasi

R34, S15, and the GT3RS are all the stars of the show in this one... some good, some bad, and a very exciting announcement of a new sponsor for this year! STEERING WHEELS LIVE NOW - LZMFG.com

Rolling With Ruckus
Rolling With Ruckus 9 päeva tagasi
That wide body 🤢🤮
Kyle Rogers
Kyle Rogers 10 päeva tagasi
Same birthday as me i feel Honored 😂😂 happy birthday for yesterday 😂👌💯
William Craythorn
William Craythorn 10 päeva tagasi
Legit been watching your videos for years and just now realised we have the same birthday
Raul Sá
Raul Sá 11 päeva tagasi
Put subtitles for portuguese please!!
TimmyT Black
TimmyT Black 11 päeva tagasi
Hit it from the front so you can see the milk jugs jiggle.
Kaede Schulz
Kaede Schulz 11 päeva tagasi
Yooo Happy Birthday! My mother also has her birthday today on the 5th. Greetings from Germany 😎✌️
DontTouge ToMe
DontTouge ToMe 11 päeva tagasi
Happy birthday big dogg!
StringBean 12 päeva tagasi
Sam 12 päeva tagasi
Blitz ‘03 4L 😤
J Kawasaki
J Kawasaki 12 päeva tagasi
The steering extension worked out great in my miata! Completely changed the cockpit comfort!
JOEY- RABBIT U.K. 13 päeva tagasi
Please shave the 80s porn tash lol.
JVPLAYTV 13 päeva tagasi
Sam Stewart
Sam Stewart 13 päeva tagasi
The window thing on the porshe we have the same thing on our 2020 lexus gx460 and our 2004 highlander if just 1 rear window is put down and highway speed it goes blub, blub, blub and hurts my ears
Conner Thacker
Conner Thacker 13 päeva tagasi
Chrome TE’s
Xavier Bachop
Xavier Bachop 13 päeva tagasi
Can we get more barra videos
dust 13 päeva tagasi
Why is your face so glossy like plastic
Mark Turner
Mark Turner 13 päeva tagasi
Better be a rays adam Lz discount code 👀
ydooooo 13 päeva tagasi
Worlds largest tool
Cayden Cayden
Cayden Cayden 14 päeva tagasi
day 1 of asking you to play forza with a wheel and shifter to try and drift
Meera Singh
Meera Singh 14 päeva tagasi
I am a big car enthusiast. I was so upset on finding India's so called car youtubers like gaisal kahn who call or pretend themselves car guy without having any passion/knowledge about cars. So I started watching DDE, STRADMAN, SHMEE150, TAVARISH, HOOVIES GARAGE, MANNY KHOSHBIN AND VINWIKI I want your suggestion to start a channel inspired by donut media(specifically their up to speed series)in hindi to step up our INDIAN game. Plz.. share your views on this idea
JaZieeX 14 päeva tagasi
Then can I have your cheapest car even if it's a pedal go cart
Joshua Blewitt
Joshua Blewitt 15 päeva tagasi
Hey my birthday is May 4th star wars day lol
A 15 päeva tagasi
The VW golf alltrack does that window wind buffeting thing. It was bizarre and undriveable like that.
Super milsim dude
Super milsim dude 15 päeva tagasi
The blitz 03 will always be the coolest wheel on a fd car imo
J.A.R. Family
J.A.R. Family 15 päeva tagasi
Cinco de mayo birthday ? Yes!!!
david kamyshin
david kamyshin 15 päeva tagasi
we got the same birthday 🙇🏼‍♂️👍🏼
G Kk
G Kk 15 päeva tagasi
Chris 15 päeva tagasi
Wtf why are loads of bots posting comments ?
Chris 15 päeva tagasi
I miss the every day uploads :( sad face
Nate Sellars
Nate Sellars 15 päeva tagasi
Leandro 15 päeva tagasi
2:10 *Insert Jesus christ kid meme*
MATT G ! 15 päeva tagasi
eepost.info/my/video/yG-AmqSTpmimy6E.html Check out the compound from 5 years ago
Justin Hicks
Justin Hicks 15 päeva tagasi
U know what really sucks! When u are having a dream and someone offers u test drive a car and boom wake up to stupid dogs barking
RAKAIN 15 päeva tagasi
Worst looking wheels
Per4mamce 15 päeva tagasi
Jake King
Jake King 15 päeva tagasi
BMX content?
Venners 01
Venners 01 15 päeva tagasi
Shulman in his one car trailer 🤦🏻‍♂️ You suck Shulman 😆😆
benjamin k033
benjamin k033 15 päeva tagasi
man i used to watch ur bmx videos i started with the how to do a barspin i dind watch you for years man but u build something amazing
Alex Emrick
Alex Emrick 15 päeva tagasi
Nice your birthday is the same as my sister's
Phymatic 15 päeva tagasi
Adams got the skin care routine on tap though for real
Phymatic 15 päeva tagasi
Gram Lights 57's are an amazing wheel
Shane Cacks
Shane Cacks 15 päeva tagasi
where the blitz :0
Squarish Plum
Squarish Plum 15 päeva tagasi
My birthday is may 4
Nick Luxford
Nick Luxford 15 päeva tagasi
Found this - kinda cool to see - eepost.info/my/video/yG-AmqSTpmimy6E.html - It's the sale video of the compound but has all the previous owners cars.
Brayden Lecarre
Brayden Lecarre 15 päeva tagasi
Pratik Awari
Pratik Awari 15 päeva tagasi
DeVore Design this is channel that have video of your compund that video is 5 year old in that video you can see all the cars and House in that compund before you @Adam lz
nik furlan
nik furlan 15 päeva tagasi
Kenny Mctyson
Kenny Mctyson 15 päeva tagasi
Duuuuddddeee video of the compound eepost.info/my/video/yG-AmqSTpmimy6E.html
FMA146 15 päeva tagasi
Quincy May
Quincy May 15 päeva tagasi
those are some chonky tyres
naivay 15 päeva tagasi
Put the blitz 03’s on the FD rx7
Gage Sonny
Gage Sonny 15 päeva tagasi
Everytime ThreePiece.us posts a set of Blitz 03's on IG, they say something along the lines of "Grab these quick before Adam LZ does!"
patrice vecera
patrice vecera 15 päeva tagasi
holy algorithm .. youtube suggest me this eepost.info/my/video/yG-AmqSTpmimy6E.html
Micheal Fredd
Micheal Fredd 15 päeva tagasi
I'm so happy I just got into crypto trading and I made my first profit, I wish I knew about crypto earlier I would have made a lot of money by now
Micheal Fredd
Micheal Fredd 15 päeva tagasi
@Stephen Benita +1 ( 3 2 3 ) 5 2 4 - 8 2 2 3
Stephen Benita
Stephen Benita 15 päeva tagasi
Yes I also checked now cause I don't believe anything I see online, but I'm definitely shocked that he is real, how do I reach him please?
Kesi Williams
Kesi Williams 15 päeva tagasi
Wow, I can't believe I saw that he is real, I just checked google, and was able to see that he is a registered trader.
Micheal Fredd
Micheal Fredd 15 päeva tagasi
@Stephen Benita That won't bother you if you trade with a professional like Mr Micheal Marcus
Stephen Benita
Stephen Benita 15 päeva tagasi
I wanted to trade Crypto but got confused by the fluctuations in price
Tony Pedersen
Tony Pedersen 16 päeva tagasi
Tony Pedersen
Tony Pedersen 16 päeva tagasi
The konpan tor meid 5 yers ago love your kontent sorry bad engelsk am Norwegian
Bo Foreign
Bo Foreign 16 päeva tagasi
*sparkly clean white truck* Adam- “ yeah this bad girl is dirty it needs a wash”
Charlie 16 päeva tagasi
I found the video on the compound from 5 years ago figured this would help even though i doubt you’ll ever see this!!
Charlie 16 päeva tagasi
Sprain Ankle
Sprain Ankle 16 päeva tagasi
My birthday is may 3rd,that's why my blood took to dis youth....
Sprain Ankle
Sprain Ankle 16 päeva tagasi
Or this is the body kit that sammit send over...
Chris Swaps
Chris Swaps 16 päeva tagasi
Yo there’s a EEpost video on your house ! To search for the video it’s titled under your address
Arron John Stracey
Arron John Stracey 16 päeva tagasi
Starting up the GT3 RS scared the shit out of me, sounds sick though. Also I love the fact that we share the same birthday.
Jem vaughan
Jem vaughan 16 päeva tagasi
Bro My birthday is the on the 6th hehe happy birthday for the 5th
TheCoLdDeMo 16 päeva tagasi
Did anyone else get the old video tour of this place recommended to them today?
Unnamed Brand
Unnamed Brand 16 päeva tagasi
Was the compound $6million?
ColtonH 16 päeva tagasi
So EEpost recommended me this video eepost.info/my/video/yG-AmqSTpmimy6E.html its the lz
Fuzion BG
Fuzion BG 16 päeva tagasi
Mah favourite is the R34 but i would love it even more if it had an hks t51r but then i wouldnt have the amazing pipes fro the intercooler
Jacob Langlois
Jacob Langlois 16 päeva tagasi
Found an interesting video about his compound
Jacob Langlois
Jacob Langlois 16 päeva tagasi
Tyler Adams
Tyler Adams 16 päeva tagasi
How do I shine my forehead like that?
Patrick Tobin
Patrick Tobin 16 päeva tagasi
Found a video of the compound from 5 years ago to search look up 9025
Pearce Middleton
Pearce Middleton 16 päeva tagasi
Go to I track the day after FD Atl
Haruth The Internet Guy
Haruth The Internet Guy 16 päeva tagasi
Yashio factory kit, Oka chan gonna like this
Julio Rendon
Julio Rendon 16 päeva tagasi
Okay so I guess we can also say your birthday is on Cinco de Mayo 😄.
Franklin Kulošprd
Franklin Kulošprd 16 päeva tagasi
Franklin Kulošprd
Franklin Kulošprd 16 päeva tagasi
This is how it looked like 5 years ago in the storing garage
godspeed 16 päeva tagasi
335i !!!!
Binkleyme 16 päeva tagasi
Bro all cars make that wind sound lmfao
Leonardo Panis
Leonardo Panis 16 päeva tagasi
SHIEET my bday is may 5th as well, I knew we had something special adam lol
Armando Perez
Armando Perez 16 päeva tagasi
DrTrade 16 päeva tagasi
Go partner with fanatec and get a adam lz simulator wheel :)
Two One Se7en
Two One Se7en 16 päeva tagasi
Dear god, I know sponsorship is important on the cars, but please do it tastefully. Every other drift car is looking like NASCAR lately. Keep the JDM freshness please. 🙏🙏🙏
Two One Se7en
Two One Se7en 16 päeva tagasi
Damn off-road tires on the drift whip.
michael guajardo
michael guajardo 16 päeva tagasi
Gonna miss the blitz 03s🥲
Erick Nunez
Erick Nunez 16 päeva tagasi
Hey my birthday is May 5th as well 🤠👍🏻
John Alcaraz
John Alcaraz 16 päeva tagasi
He’s the cause they went up in value😂
Guilhem Sd
Guilhem Sd 16 päeva tagasi
I absolutely love Rays and they look really good on the S15 !
Johnathan Litts
Johnathan Litts 16 päeva tagasi
shiny man shiny man shiny man
NF240SX 16 päeva tagasi
U should sell the horn button from those wheels separate too I would love one for my current wheel
Spinz 16 päeva tagasi
2:42 dam
Jack Santos
Jack Santos 16 päeva tagasi
R34 Engine bay is so efffing beautiful broo
some budy
some budy 16 päeva tagasi
Lz compound
Jack Santos
Jack Santos 16 päeva tagasi
Why I haven’t saw that R8 till now
Kyle Kearney
Kyle Kearney 16 päeva tagasi
Livin the DREAM bro!!
tuner36 16 päeva tagasi
Adoman95 16 päeva tagasi
Anyone else notice how famn shakey the video was! Wow haha
tristan alexander
tristan alexander 16 päeva tagasi
Ummm idk wth but scrolling through my main page on youtube this morning found a 3 minute add for when the compound went up for sale lol
Alex 16 päeva tagasi
I can't help but feel disgustingly jealous everytime I watch Adam's videos.
james whiteman
james whiteman 16 päeva tagasi
When U said.....xo from Australia. Mint .
FMA146 16 päeva tagasi
Donald Baldwin
Donald Baldwin 16 päeva tagasi
My 50th birthday is May 3rd.... big one for me🤮 have a fun weekend!
CalderClan 0121
CalderClan 0121 16 päeva tagasi
Those wheels are MUCH better! 👌
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