The LZ Compound Came With Over 40 Car Lifts!

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Adam LZ

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A lack of space was my restraint from buying every cool car I saw... well that isn’t the case anymore! LAST DAY TO ORDER AN LZ COMPOUND BUNDLE BEFORE THEY’RE GONE FOREVER!

Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee 2 päeva tagasi
None of it, I'm out. Congratulations and goodbye.
Ryan Chenier-Poulin
Ryan Chenier-Poulin 4 päeva tagasi
Broo... how much do you havee holy...
Colby truck stuff
Colby truck stuff 7 päeva tagasi
I want to see the bill from the guy who had all this done guissing in the 1.4billion dollar range I'm only 22 so don't really know but damn that's a minty unit
andreas skordalis
andreas skordalis 7 päeva tagasi
Turn that room with the screens to a paint booth and hire me 🤣
Anthony Whitbread
Anthony Whitbread 8 päeva tagasi
Bro give me a job I want to migrate to USA!!!
hitardo 8 päeva tagasi
1.2 Million views, and only 62k likes and 6k comments?! Everyone is soooo jealous 🤣 Congratulations for your achievement! I really hope you continue working on your amazing projects, and continue to evolve. Cheers!
ronnie cason
ronnie cason 10 päeva tagasi
looks like jimmy needs to get get a car down there so that he has something to whip around for when he down in florida
Classic Car Creations
Classic Car Creations 10 päeva tagasi
Congratulations on the new Compound!
SmokeTires 876
SmokeTires 876 10 päeva tagasi
The compound needs a dog
T MacNillan
T MacNillan 11 päeva tagasi
So proud of you dude, I’ve been watching since the Haggard days and Now I stand on the couch yelling your name watching FD. Congrats homie, you deserve it
jai thakker
jai thakker 11 päeva tagasi
Clean the pond
jason basden
jason basden 11 päeva tagasi
You are doing exactly what i want to accomplish with my friends and family, this is super inspiring!!!! I cant wait to get a compound that we can all build our houses and work buildings on as well!!
Culinary Artist
Culinary Artist 11 päeva tagasi
Be careful with the baby gators. They will eventually grow up and then it'll be a problem.
AXELFREE 13 päeva tagasi
If your trying to see more of this, I stumbled on this video:
Ontopicdoodles 13 päeva tagasi
adams come a long way from being a bmx channel 🤧🤧
J Walker
J Walker 15 päeva tagasi
Treefiddyz Z33
Treefiddyz Z33 16 päeva tagasi
Idk if you know adam but I just found a video that’s 5 years old that gives away the address to your estate
sheldon penchaliah
sheldon penchaliah 16 päeva tagasi For those who want to see how the compound looked with the previous owners vehicle collection 😁😁
Dustin Hollingshead
Dustin Hollingshead 16 päeva tagasi
This is your turning point. I sincerely hope that it’s towards success and that this compound doesn’t bankrupt you. Good luck brother!
Unknown Perso
Unknown Perso 16 päeva tagasi
In your entire lifetime, u will only be able to fill 50% of it
Kyle 16 päeva tagasi video with previous owners cars
Safwan Ali
Safwan Ali 17 päeva tagasi pervious owner car collection
Gage 18 päeva tagasi
9025 freedom road!!
Aaron Byard
Aaron Byard 19 päeva tagasi
Your humility through all this is refreshing asf
channel one
channel one 19 päeva tagasi
gera 19 päeva tagasi
Wow I finally got around to watch these and wowww man this is inspiring, i hope to one day be able to have something like this
James Schug
James Schug 19 päeva tagasi
alex lim
alex lim 20 päeva tagasi
this is what it looked like with cars on the lifts
Samir Lesmes
Samir Lesmes 20 päeva tagasi
Hey Adam! Out of all the bucket seats in your cars, which one do you like the most?
Contact Define
Contact Define 20 päeva tagasi
that is a septic tank i believe probably for the rev station, and the machine is definitely to empty it, a big pop tank idk though they are also used for other purposes such as holding water and what not lol prolly poo tank though
Darrin Murley
Darrin Murley 21 päev tagasi
The compound is sick👌👌👌👌👌
J ladzy
J ladzy 22 päeva tagasi
that sir looks like a grow house lol
Superians 22 päeva tagasi
9:24 should just make it another outdoor lift thing just moden it up a bit
Matt Veon
Matt Veon 23 päeva tagasi
Solar and wind generators might help offset the power costs
Jayson Mitchell
Jayson Mitchell 23 päeva tagasi
Just figured out who used to own this with very little research with some hints from this video.
Kevin Price
Kevin Price 23 päeva tagasi
Timers are good for lighting but also motion sensor light controls. Also on a timer so they only stay on so long without motion. :)
Jeff Flanagan
Jeff Flanagan 23 päeva tagasi
@AdamLZ How much?
Jeff Flanagan
Jeff Flanagan 23 päeva tagasi
That place is Amazing! I would've loved to hang out there with the previous owner!
Matthew Roberts
Matthew Roberts 23 päeva tagasi
I sent you a insta message, I have a company that can help!
Mikaela D
Mikaela D 24 päeva tagasi
It’s SO inspiring to watch a young crew like y’all doing what you do! It inspires today’s generation to follow and build your dreams in the crazy world we live in today. ROCK ON GUYS 🤘🏻💚💚💚
Jonathan Wharton
Jonathan Wharton 24 päeva tagasi
That's amazing , congrats again
About 900pandas
About 900pandas 24 päeva tagasi
The new fast n’ loud
Alejandro Asencio
Alejandro Asencio 24 päeva tagasi
This is so impressive to see, to think that I started watching you when you rode bikes to now, geez you making my dreams a reality hopefully one day ill do what you are doing
Ryan Eddy
Ryan Eddy 25 päeva tagasi
You need a shit load of solar panels
Kenert Kallikorm
Kenert Kallikorm 26 päeva tagasi
Wym nabers ur in a jungle
Ryan Burton
Ryan Burton 26 päeva tagasi
That trailer is for the steam pressure washer from the previous vid. I used to have a nearly identical rig.
BassManBobBassCovers 26 päeva tagasi
H O L Y S H I T ! ! !
Alex Parrish
Alex Parrish 26 päeva tagasi
Solar panels could be a great option. Make sure to call the city, the state, and power companies, and anyone else you can think of. There may be grants/tax breaks you’re not aware of.
fuck face
fuck face 27 päeva tagasi
This place is giving me some el rubio's compound vibes from gta 5
David Serrano
David Serrano 27 päeva tagasi
Use the outside space for basketball.
13THPR0PH37 28 päeva tagasi
I've been watching Adam since his first s13... But I finally subscribed. 😂
Idiot Savant
Idiot Savant 28 päeva tagasi
Idk how far you are from ole Cleeter but he does have a lease ending soon on the Clearwater shop and the shop at the FF ain’t built yet. Just a thought
Brian Donovan
Brian Donovan 28 päeva tagasi
I love how all you tubers with these ridiculous big garage spaces are worried about the fucking floors. Nobody gives a shit if your floor is dirty. A garage floor is supposed to be dirty. I wouldn’t trust a shop with a spotless floor, let’s me know they are good at mopping and not building
RmkFilmz 28 päeva tagasi
Wow wonder how much he paid for this entire compound
CoCoNuT 28 päeva tagasi
Ah so this is where all my cars are stored in Forza
Jerred Lessard
Jerred Lessard 28 päeva tagasi
This place is like a dream but crazier, congratulations adam
Akm 28 päeva tagasi
Anyone else wants to see the previous owners collection?
Dan McCallum
Dan McCallum 29 päeva tagasi
This is awesome!
Scott Warmbier
Scott Warmbier Місяць tagasi
Nah Man - keep it all private - with an every once in a while by invite only open house. Should be a rule that if you're a dude you have to rock a mustache. I'd have to say that whatever you paid for the place it was a bargain and I'm glad to see you'll be putting some money into it and keeping it nice. Great idea around being the JDM and East coast version of Jay Lenno. I used to watch your channel from back in the day but haven't kept up for a long time - I'm glad I stopped by. From one of the "boomers" out there keep up the great work!
ben s
ben s Місяць tagasi
kieran odoherty
kieran odoherty Місяць tagasi
Like the compound but shomans car is kinda rice thh
Jan Santiago
Jan Santiago Місяць tagasi
Go solar brah
Robert Rogers Jr.
Robert Rogers Jr. Місяць tagasi
There's people who can turn that pond blue I bet
Gemlanistan Місяць tagasi
This is forsure the goal, just gotta make it happen. Congratulations Adam!
Backyard-Built-Trucks Місяць tagasi
Just for the love of God just don't get in over your head . 🙏👍💪
store got shutdown
store got shutdown Місяць tagasi
Can we talk
Lee Riedel
Lee Riedel Місяць tagasi
This is not my EEpost account but cows poop is very smelly
ABC's OF BETH Місяць tagasi
This is an absolute frickin dream for car crazed people. Dude, I am so loving this content! Congratulations on this slice of heaven!!!! Btw.. I am a Porsche fanatic so obviously my favorite car of yours is the GT3rs.
Lukas Tevelde
Lukas Tevelde Місяць tagasi
we need a aerial pic to see what the actual layout with all the buildings
Jake295A Місяць tagasi
I haven't seen this channnel in years and it's crazy to see how far he's come!
HUNTER_FITZ. Місяць tagasi
Change all the lighting to LED and motion sensors switches and get solar battery packs so you can use the stored energy at night.
Indians Auto
Indians Auto Місяць tagasi
How do you pulls the cars in and out with such tight space between the lifts?
Shtatic Garage
Shtatic Garage Місяць tagasi
This was my uncles shop
TheDemobus/Auto creator's
TheDemobus/Auto creator's Місяць tagasi
that shop with the electric doors , insulation, and ac is pretty dope for that size of a building with all thoes lifts
TheDemobus/Auto creator's
TheDemobus/Auto creator's Місяць tagasi
only 1,999,999.00 million damn that was a big purchase
matt bob
matt bob Місяць tagasi
Hey adam love the videos so pleased for you all.
Alabama racing channel
Alabama racing channel Місяць tagasi
Dang bro that’s nuts, if you need another fabricator/ tech iv got 17 years worth of experience will move my family up there to get a chance to work on some nice cars lol.. we’re from Alabama I work at a shop that focuses on German cars and at night a weld and bend tube for a chassis shop
Lane Austin
Lane Austin Місяць tagasi
Are you hiring? Ill quit my job move from huntsville Alabama to there for a job, no questions asked lol
Sluggo X
Sluggo X Місяць tagasi
Holler at chris Cammarano for that light bulb me.....pleasant hookup....
Gary Bridgham
Gary Bridgham Місяць tagasi
A EEpostr automotive video production complex.
Aaron Marsh
Aaron Marsh Місяць tagasi
Space for 80 cars across 40 lifts? Will they fit Crown Vics? Asking for a Giraffe.
NathanSletten Місяць tagasi
I will literally be your janitor for the rest of my life....
MarkSTI Місяць tagasi
homie got the 2 fast 2 furious garage door lineup
Charlie Roney
Charlie Roney Місяць tagasi
hopefully folks dont bother you like they did at the old house wheres the skatepark going?
Joey Ries
Joey Ries Місяць tagasi
Sunshine State.... solar energy! Install solar panels on the roofs
Joey Ries
Joey Ries Місяць tagasi
Sand blasting barn
Joey Ries
Joey Ries Місяць tagasi
Absolutely amazing Compound! Definitely a rare find
AngryMater13 LA
AngryMater13 LA Місяць tagasi
Theres that "New" money or that "Old" money. Adam got that "F*CK YOU" money lmao.
JSenpai242 Місяць tagasi
What if adam was to remake the fast & furious movie????? 👀
David Kelm
David Kelm Місяць tagasi
WOW !!!! Thats too funny, I was already thinking "Adam Leno" go solar 💡
Anders Beckes
Anders Beckes Місяць tagasi
love the compound its so sick. my dream house would be living there XD
Gshock Music
Gshock Music Місяць tagasi
all these concrete slabs has talking about for "cars" were 100% for grow operations lmao
Not J
Not J Місяць tagasi
First car storage building should have it's lifts moved to the larger storage building to fill it out. Then that larger building, you can pull a Westside Collector Car Storage gig of your own.
Aaron Cable
Aaron Cable Місяць tagasi
I've got a feeling theres probably like a drift golf cart or golf cart project in the future or something I mean its adam there must be an idea in his head on it
Faazan Ahmed
Faazan Ahmed Місяць tagasi
You need to do the Fast and Furious scene where all the doors open and bunch of cars come out!
mightymikethebear Місяць tagasi
I thought WatchJrGo had a big auto repair facility.
Josh Howard
Josh Howard Місяць tagasi
This place is nuts😵
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman Місяць tagasi
What does he do for a living that he can afford this. That's probably like a 10k electric bill a month.
Cody Harring
Cody Harring Місяць tagasi
This is the first video of yours I have ever watched but are you in a flooding risk area? Seems like with all the lifts, A/C mounted up on side of building, etc. previous owner may have had all those to protect his investment. Not just be able to store more cars. Just a thought, could be wrong.
rn2cro Місяць tagasi
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