Taking Delivery of my 992 Turbo S!

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Adam LZ

16 päeva tagasi

In March I took delivery of a 992 Turbo S that I spec'd out earlier this year. You guys know I've been talking about one for a while - they're essentially Porsche's flagship car of performance/technology and I finally pulled the trigger. I've been keeping it a secret for two reasons... It was about the same time as the LZ Compound reveal - which would've came off as way too flashy/look at me - and it would've taken away from the continuity of compound specific videos. The real reason I've been keeping it a secret... is not a good one. About a week after owning the car... something happened, and I'm not sure if/when it will be back. So please be patient with me - I have a few videos on it, but really only decided to post because Mike is on vacation and I haven't had time to edit any of my more recent content (been filming with the GT3 in the Smoky Mountains). I hate posting this video knowing that the car will be gone for the foreseeable future, but it is what it is. Sorry for the long description - I just didn't really explain anything in the video.

Francesco Ferri
Francesco Ferri 4 tundi tagasi
La macchina + bella di tutte.
jd 5 tundi tagasi
who is this annoying girl
Juan Carlos Lozano
Juan Carlos Lozano Päev tagasi
That Porsche put a big smile on my face when you started the engine at the dealer :)
3chim7noi4lenden Päev tagasi
Lucky you!
aregal Päev tagasi
Congrats, Bro! There’s nothing built like a Porsche.
Kosi Mncube
Kosi Mncube Päev tagasi
After you get the repair bills it will become your Sunday.Haha
Francisco Alberto Fermin Tejeda
Francisco Alberto Fermin Tejeda Päev tagasi
did anyone noticed, that the girl have half of her right eye, brown and the other half blue (or green), i think is beautiful!!!
76ers Päev tagasi
4:31 - "Daily-able", 5:55 - "Frunk", 6:15 - "Chrono-delete"... I love how your girl comes up with all these car terms. Not many women can do that.
Paul Regis
Paul Regis 2 päeva tagasi
I would’ve left that clear tape over the 911 turbo sign... just so I won’t scratch up
Supreme UAE
Supreme UAE 2 päeva tagasi
So hot , all the best 🖤🥇🎖
boscoblack 2 päeva tagasi
"They look so good together! With the yellow in here and looking at that one!" Jesus christ.........
Speed Demon !
Speed Demon ! 2 päeva tagasi
this girl talk too much!!!!
Meghan Smith
Meghan Smith 2 päeva tagasi
Congrats! Enjoy the 710hp. (i know what's listed)
Y D 3 päeva tagasi
so sick what a spec!! great vid! enjoy. love to see and hear porche addicts like me... waiting for delivery of my first ever porsche a cayman t a dream come true :)
Job Diaz
Job Diaz 3 päeva tagasi
I will own one of these or a Audi R8 V10 plus
Kevin Antonio
Kevin Antonio 4 päeva tagasi
Now you need a daily, for your daily
Cody Fast
Cody Fast 4 päeva tagasi
“eBay tails” lmao
Cody Fast
Cody Fast 4 päeva tagasi
My grandpa was stationed in Germany back in the 70’s, bought a 911 from the factory, and when getting a factory tour during his car delivery, he asked the mechanic who was giving him a tour, “how do I break this motor in” the mechanic simply pointed at the redline on the tach... Most over engineered vehicles. Made to be beat on, and rarely cause a single problem
Cody Fast
Cody Fast 4 päeva tagasi
It’s so refreshing to see a car EEpost be a “Porsche guy” they are the most over engineered cars, and the only exotic ( with exception to the huracan) that is specifically made to be beat to hell and only need brakes, oil, and tires. The best driver cars. Period. Everybody on EEpost has more money than brains, so they end up just buying the newest, most trendy super car. Hell yeah!
Jan Petke
Jan Petke 4 päeva tagasi
congratulation to this amazing baby
Chris0414 4 päeva tagasi
i usually dont like other youtubers but i like adam. he looks like a good guy
I forgot the milk
I forgot the milk 4 päeva tagasi
Talk to Nick Murray and have him review it!
Richard Pinkham
Richard Pinkham 4 päeva tagasi
Can’t see the point in putting a roof rack on a sports car....Awesome car btw, well jel’. Congratulations on your channel success too! 🤟
Bimmer Parts Direct
Bimmer Parts Direct 5 päeva tagasi
Congrats Adam!
Jayden Pitt
Jayden Pitt 5 päeva tagasi
Why is it a 992? It says 911
Eugene sel
Eugene sel 5 päeva tagasi
Damn, I remember you as a kid. Nice to see you doing good!!! Keep at it. Best choice of a car! Maybe I would do silver, but alteast you did the turbo s👌👍
bmx687 5 päeva tagasi
Great job adam. Proud of you
Terry Kaz
Terry Kaz 6 päeva tagasi
Not worth it......
hitardo 6 päeva tagasi
20:05 Americans care so much about cup holders, that is... Strange. Why is that? In Europe, generally, we only care about water bottles. Moreover, cars are not the ideal place to drink. Only water, on long drives 🙂
Scott Daniel
Scott Daniel 6 päeva tagasi
I hate you! Just for the record! :) Beautiful car! Jealous!
橙枫 6 päeva tagasi
This video tells you that once you have beautiful colors, the difference between a 718 and a 911ts is not very big in women's eyes.
橙枫 6 päeva tagasi
Sexy beast With Burmester,Nice choice.
Asfi Hafeez
Asfi Hafeez 6 päeva tagasi
Cant wait to get mine !! 🙏🏼🙏🏼
mac daddy
mac daddy 6 päeva tagasi
Nice Porsche. Keep in mind that if you are far from home and you get an unrepairable flat tire, the nearest tire shop will not have one in stock nor will the nearest Porsche shop either. You will probably have to stay in a hotel and wait a couple of days for a tire to arrive. It is a very frustrating experience. Been there done that.
pjfan173 6 päeva tagasi
Adams gets a new Black on Black Porsche 911 Turbo S and Matt Moreman gets blue wheels for his Tesla.
SALVAGE REBUILDS 7 päeva tagasi
The rs6 was better.
HAcXeR 7 päeva tagasi
First mod you need to get a better exhaust system
Fabian Martinez
Fabian Martinez 8 päeva tagasi
Way to go! Love it, congrats 👏
hypedcardz 8 päeva tagasi
hypedcardz 8 päeva tagasi
hypedcardz 8 päeva tagasi
Mats Molina
Mats Molina 8 päeva tagasi
15:40 parking sensors are bs? Come to Europe and try to park here in the streets
Gr Stephen
Gr Stephen 8 päeva tagasi
looks like PSO?
Michael Power
Michael Power 8 päeva tagasi
Awesome,hard work pays off,enjoy,let the mods begin😃
PineappleKING APPLE 8 päeva tagasi
Yellow not Orange ha ha ha
YouTuber Baylee Xiong
YouTuber Baylee Xiong 8 päeva tagasi
Seat belts are in yellow cause I'm a ricer
YouTuber Baylee Xiong
YouTuber Baylee Xiong 8 päeva tagasi
That start up was loud af on my headphones
smiles 11
smiles 11 8 päeva tagasi
Pro tip: make sure you PPF the painted side skirts. The rear portion that comes out gets hammered with rock chips. Secondly - if you keep the clear tails. I’d tint the 3rd brake light & order a set up painted reflectors to remove the red. Go to bumperplugs.com. Talk to Eric. Congratulations! She’s a beaut
Frank Palermo
Frank Palermo 9 päeva tagasi
🔥🔥 congrats
Jaimie Gould
Jaimie Gould 9 päeva tagasi
Masks are horrible for acoustics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chuck Kerber
Chuck Kerber 9 päeva tagasi
Congratulations buddy! Porsche is a superior car to Audi- enjoy in good health!
Pure Precision
Pure Precision 9 päeva tagasi
Let’s respect the strong men in the back with the balls to not wear masks. Respect. Strong shit. 💪
bildillamagasin 9 päeva tagasi
Very nice with black on black! And a little yellow to spice it up :)
jxlfresh119 9 päeva tagasi
If you make a separate Chanel for this car... I'll subscribe.
Frank Lanois
Frank Lanois 9 päeva tagasi
You've been in Ruby....
John Gomez
John Gomez 10 päeva tagasi
If youre having lower back pain get an MRI scan done if you can. You might have a bulging /herniated disc which you should be careful with. Might be a good idea to start doing some specific exercises so that the pain starts to mitigate and not get worse. Stay healthy!
T4 OOMF 10 päeva tagasi
Stephen Taylor
Stephen Taylor 10 päeva tagasi
You need to speak to JCR Porsche in the UK for the exhaust ... their stuff is un rivaled !!!!
Neil Kennett
Neil Kennett 10 päeva tagasi
Mike having nightmares about trying to film a black car now 😅
Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson 10 päeva tagasi
My dreamcar. Congrats!!
Joey Beaudry
Joey Beaudry 10 päeva tagasi
so is it a 992 or 911? cuz in the door jams it says 911. i’m just confused.
781 Production
781 Production 10 päeva tagasi
Dam bro no rev
Joolz1982 10 päeva tagasi
Lovely car. Good point at 15:42. Too many people rely on their driving sensors and cameras instead of driving skill and judgement.
Hermann Arminius
Hermann Arminius 10 päeva tagasi
I'm so glad you've gotten big into Euro. Also, I appreciate you pronounce the name properly. You have to speak to TJ Hunt about that...
NY Militia
NY Militia 10 päeva tagasi
Turbo s is a rip off.. 250k?? Lol u can get a 5k mileage gt3 RS for 220
YakPaks truck
YakPaks truck 10 päeva tagasi
Adam just get a fuckin 993
michael keane
michael keane 10 päeva tagasi
What is the world coming to
That car guy Braxton
That car guy Braxton 11 päeva tagasi
StaticSolly 11 päeva tagasi
keep the clear tail lights please
Rick Spenkelink
Rick Spenkelink 11 päeva tagasi
ant Perkins
ant Perkins 11 päeva tagasi
I had a 98 boxster black wheels body and roof ... was a pig to keep clean so I gave up and washed it every 3 months ... the dirt seems to protect the paint ! 😂😂😂😂
pino 11 päeva tagasi
wait until i launch it. waiting waiting waiting waiting no launch
Youtuber NoUser
Youtuber NoUser 11 päeva tagasi
23:17 Anyone know about who made the beat at 23:17 Or anything about it
Rickie Thompson
Rickie Thompson 11 päeva tagasi
So correct, the only thing I don't like is the clock in the middle of the dash. I did see a video about a yr ago where they had to take the dash off and the tech said you can buy a flat piece to replace the clock if you so desire but Porsche does not advertise it. The clock is super easy to remove but you will need to replace that empty space with a piece that blends in with dash...Porsche sells it.
Chiel Knook
Chiel Knook 11 päeva tagasi
You should really do a Techart kit and tune on the porsche!!
Maarten Schilperoort
Maarten Schilperoort 11 päeva tagasi
I love porsche 911 and this one looks so good
Daniel Mika
Daniel Mika 11 päeva tagasi
Soooooo what’s happening to the Celsior then? Wasn’t that supposed to be the daily? 😄
Taylor groat
Taylor groat 11 päeva tagasi
Dudes got to much money
antwanfp 11 päeva tagasi
What is the beat
annabanna666 11 päeva tagasi
Your new lady suits you so much she is cool man props . Good to see ya guys happy as . Mint car too
spongebob 11 päeva tagasi
Porsche. There is No Substitute
Jordan Alexander
Jordan Alexander 11 päeva tagasi
this is a you car
BOAT 11 päeva tagasi
no words! at all
Master Bator
Master Bator 11 päeva tagasi
If you hated the finger prints on your GT3RS, you are about to go nutz with a black car. I have a black 981 Cayman and literaly 2 mins after I wash it it already has dust.
NorCal 11 päeva tagasi
Can't wait to see what wheels you put on.
Cristhian Gomez
Cristhian Gomez 11 päeva tagasi
You gotta ppf the car !
Chris Cheezer
Chris Cheezer 11 päeva tagasi
i can't relate to these videos anymore... im poor. i still pressed the thumbs up tho.
NoMo MoMo
NoMo MoMo 11 päeva tagasi
Be ready for some PANIC breaking. People won't be able to tell how fast you are coming up on them and then they do dumb things like pull right in front of you. Thank GOD for 6 piston breaking. Yellow is good if you plan on being a cabbie.
Snowy Trees
Snowy Trees 12 päeva tagasi
Well deserved bro grats
Randy T
Randy T 12 päeva tagasi
eepost.info/my/video/yG-AmqSTpmimy6E.html Opened youtube and this popped up just a look at some of the cars that were stored in the now LZ compund
RD 12 päeva tagasi
Are you going to let Vaughn drift your new car just like he let you drift his new Mustang?
Justin L
Justin L 12 päeva tagasi
Youtuber NoUser
Youtuber NoUser 11 päeva tagasi
@Justin L the older previous owner was stinking rich 😬😬😬
Justin L
Justin L 11 päeva tagasi
@EEpostr NoUser not sure
Youtuber NoUser
Youtuber NoUser 11 päeva tagasi
Do many people know about this?
Quinton Daniels
Quinton Daniels 12 päeva tagasi
Congratulations LZ 🤘
Camera WithWings
Camera WithWings 12 päeva tagasi
fking awesome!
Dustin Lunsmann
Dustin Lunsmann 12 päeva tagasi
Unwrapping that protective film was sooooo satisfying to watch you do!!!!
Nicolas Sell
Nicolas Sell 12 päeva tagasi
The right way to close a hood is dropping it from a small height, not pushing it. :)
Mr S
Mr S 12 päeva tagasi
Another automatic Porsche 🥴🥴
Ross Williams
Ross Williams 12 päeva tagasi
Can we get a radar video review from you I’m looking into uniden or escort
Justin Wadell
Justin Wadell 12 päeva tagasi
Good ole soft, black paint. I hope you have a legit detailer 😂
Zachary Finch
Zachary Finch 12 päeva tagasi
Modifying a Broken 992 Turbo S...
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