Set my E36 on Fire & Crashed @ Klutch Kickers Round 2

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Adam LZ

21 päev tagasi

Title might sound like we had a bad time... but it was a blast! Definitely an interesting weekend - some unfortunate luck, but we're learning and coming back stronger each time!

Isaac Gonzales
Isaac Gonzales 17 tundi tagasi
Just a normal day in Washington
Speck 3 päeva tagasi
16:29 that’s when he sets his car on fire
David Marcoux
David Marcoux 7 päeva tagasi
Why would he lie and say 14 year old Freddy is 45?
Optic Voidd
Optic Voidd 10 päeva tagasi
Collete is obviously from dry-a$$ California
Doc Ninja
Doc Ninja 11 päeva tagasi
What luck 🥲
Nikderking1 11 päeva tagasi
Ken Block has been real quite since this video
Alec Her
Alec Her 11 päeva tagasi
This video is the definition of sending it. 🤘
Freznosis 13 päeva tagasi
Does anyone else hear the Steam chat notification sound at 29:55 or am I tripping????
Smile 13 päeva tagasi
Adam: car feel great Car:Hold my fire :D
d pizzle
d pizzle 13 päeva tagasi
Damn Freddie is 45
Notzxyn salah
Notzxyn salah 14 päeva tagasi
Honestly I’d love a foot cam
SilentJustin06 15 päeva tagasi
Colette freaking out over the rain was funny.
SleepyLoli 15 päeva tagasi
I'm just amazed at how for Adam has come ever since I subbed
A J 15 päeva tagasi
7 foot puddle ? That's a whole River my dude 🤣
Shabba 15 päeva tagasi
the laugh 31:59 :D
Rasmus 15 päeva tagasi
07:55 Pompompom poooow! Is a ''pedal'' cam too much to ask? :D
Luke Forney
Luke Forney 15 päeva tagasi
If your interior lights don't work swap your dimmer switch to the left of the wheel
TheGrimfulDread 16 päeva tagasi
Moment of silence for that Miata lol 26:28
Sefo 15 päeva tagasi
HSHSHSH I wanted to comment thst to
Bruce Gender Trans Jenner
Bruce Gender Trans Jenner 16 päeva tagasi
My life has no meaning
Carl Hulin
Carl Hulin 16 päeva tagasi
Mike Devine the edit on this is rope notch you deserve a pat in the back for This, that slow mo shot of the rain did it for me
Daville Parke
Daville Parke 16 päeva tagasi
32:01 Wtf was the laugh lmao
Ebisu 16 päeva tagasi
Freedom was there nice that where I get all my cars tuned
SCJ Diving
SCJ Diving 16 päeva tagasi
Adam made it sound like freddy popped out with a laptop
Rafael den boogert
Rafael den boogert 16 päeva tagasi
Can you imagine going to klutckickers trying your best and first round you have to go up against the guy who built a specific car for this event. with multiple egines in it
Ron 16 päeva tagasi
for running on a smaller budget and keeping up with the pro drivers you cant beat the Miata
Steve K
Steve K 16 päeva tagasi
Adam “burn the car down” LZ
Scooba_Steve 17 päeva tagasi
Who drives the purple and teal ISR S14 that adam battled after Ben?
Rodney Witkos
Rodney Witkos 17 päeva tagasi
Happy birthday Freddy!!!
Big Mike
Big Mike 17 päeva tagasi
I dont even know what i just watched since im not into drifting, but it was entertaining so im not complaining
Kahunas Garage and Tiki Racing
Kahunas Garage and Tiki Racing 17 päeva tagasi
11:10 That's why she's spitting'. . .
randombiking 17 päeva tagasi
Maybe an intercooler water sprayer?
Rampage 17 päeva tagasi
you don't need that mutch speed shine :) 1spray should be enough to do a entire panel. and by panel i mean like each section. fender is one panel each door is 1 panel hood is one etc...
Dalton Hanson
Dalton Hanson 17 päeva tagasi
THE SILVER GOAT 17 päeva tagasi
Shoutout to your new editors man, they got the vibes!
Rune Rafell
Rune Rafell 17 päeva tagasi
Just found a old youtube video off your new compound the prevoius owner did indeed have a shitload off 50s and 60s cars, adresse is out there tho ..
sjon hetschaap
sjon hetschaap 17 päeva tagasi
22:50 best moment in the video haha
Sam Crawford
Sam Crawford 17 päeva tagasi
Nice to see you guys getting a uk style weather hahahaha
Fabian Baisotti
Fabian Baisotti 17 päeva tagasi
u cant fckin tell me freddy is 45 years old he looks 30 MAX
Andrew Coombs
Andrew Coombs 17 päeva tagasi
Happy Birthday Freddy blessings to you more success and to Adam for his win God bless
ingar dammen-dahl
ingar dammen-dahl 17 päeva tagasi
problem to the jz overheating: v8 swap it with a big SC and a even bigger radiator
Mystic Gaming
Mystic Gaming 17 päeva tagasi
The dog in sunglasses was my favorite part 😁
A O 17 päeva tagasi
Is it no longer a 1.5jz?
Basil Muyawala
Basil Muyawala 17 päeva tagasi
What’s the song that’s playing when he’s driving in the rain??
Mike Medeiros
Mike Medeiros 17 päeva tagasi
E36 needs meth for that overheating problem
Kynan Shaw
Kynan Shaw 17 päeva tagasi
OldTown 84047
OldTown 84047 17 päeva tagasi
Whats that red handle in between the hood and windshield for ?
Adamis Gomez
Adamis Gomez 17 päeva tagasi
Si tienen alguna duda preguntenle al puertoriqueño cuando viene a huracanes o diluvios 😂😂😂
mike A
mike A 17 päeva tagasi
when are you gong to get your mums car back to her?
William Miller
William Miller 17 päeva tagasi
Adam check out this video I came across today about the compound
vw guy
vw guy 17 päeva tagasi
Just found a video of the compound from 5 yrs ago
R4Race 17 päeva tagasi
Do you have baffles to force the air thru the rad? It didn't look like it. Radiators have more air resistance than going around it, if there are no baffles to force the air thru. Are the fans working properly, forcing air rearward?
Zhynx 17 päeva tagasi
And then you realize oh yeah i drift on this track like everyday but on Assetto😂
Bryce Miller
Bryce Miller 17 päeva tagasi
Time for a dogbox
I b 12killu !
I b 12killu ! 17 päeva tagasi
Just saw a video 5yrs old on the compound on a channel called DeVore Design. Probably won't see this but though it be cool if you haven't seen it.
Zachary Robertson
Zachary Robertson 18 päeva tagasi
I've been into drifting so long that I remember when ISR changed their name from ISIS
Ryan Egan
Ryan Egan 18 päeva tagasi
Where’s round one ?
Luis E
Luis E 18 päeva tagasi
I love her reaction to our norm 😂😂
pablo soro
pablo soro 18 päeva tagasi
How do I see no comments about Adams devilish laugh at the end ,that was the best part of the whole video
Adam Atcheson
Adam Atcheson 18 päeva tagasi
jayherron81 18 päeva tagasi
This popped up on recommend by youtube it's the LZ compound from 5yrs ago
Jonah Larson
Jonah Larson 18 päeva tagasi
Hold up how’s old Freddy? I heard 45, he does not look 45
Vegas Driver
Vegas Driver 18 päeva tagasi
What about going to air to water intercooler then running a bigger radiator to fix the cooling problem
Shifters and Lifters
Shifters and Lifters 18 päeva tagasi
Just install 3 of the same ratio gear sets in a row 1-3-3-3-5.
BOAT 18 päeva tagasi
Kinda scary when he said " i on fire, cant imagine whats the worst that could have happened 😬
BOAT 18 päeva tagasi
Literally the first time i see a Camaro drift, the dude f*cks it up 🤦‍♀️
Forest Spirits JDM
Forest Spirits JDM 18 päeva tagasi
There’s no way Freddy is 45 lmao sftuuu
hexlgaming 18 päeva tagasi
AdamLZ is truly living the dream
Eric Holtz
Eric Holtz 18 päeva tagasi
Oops sorry wrong you tuber
Trevor Sherrill
Trevor Sherrill 18 päeva tagasi
KeeCamp 18 päeva tagasi
You gotta run the same trans you run in the s15 thing would be crazy
AutoMoPho 18 päeva tagasi
time to invest in fire suppression for your cars, i'd hate to see you lose another one, though the rebuild series would be epic
Ronnie J
Ronnie J 18 päeva tagasi
Nathan Countyrman
Nathan Countyrman 18 päeva tagasi
😂 just leave the car running like a tornado is coming to scare collet 😂
James Bissett
James Bissett 18 päeva tagasi
I hate how late the uploads are fot the uk 😩
Dylan .gaul-russell
Dylan .gaul-russell 18 päeva tagasi this is the lz compound
Gurrane4621 4
Gurrane4621 4 18 päeva tagasi
I’m new and I have a question how much hp does the bimmer make? Also love the vids and just subscribed
JRM_motorsport 18 päeva tagasi
”Samsonas gearbox entered the chat”
Live Free Moto
Live Free Moto 18 päeva tagasi
5th place after a fire and a third of a gear box gone not bad i say
nicolaj rolighed
nicolaj rolighed 18 päeva tagasi
and zf trans needs stock guibo. just change them every 2. event, and you will be fine
nicolaj rolighed
nicolaj rolighed 18 päeva tagasi
probs for the fire guys. that car could have burned down..
VFX1ng 18 päeva tagasi
a shame trans didnt wake up on the optimal side tho
VFX1ng 18 päeva tagasi
wow how did you see at night man IMPRESSIVE!!!
deathwish 1640
deathwish 1640 18 päeva tagasi
what did we learnn
Brian Schalk Craill
Brian Schalk Craill 18 päeva tagasi
install plumbing in front of intercooler to spray nitrous oxide for cooling
Keagan Barratt
Keagan Barratt 18 päeva tagasi
Just saw the video of your compound on devore design EEpost channel , from 5 years ago🙏🙏 All the old cars looking so sweet
Peydon7777 18 päeva tagasi
Overall i enjoy the videos but this will be the last one i watch. I cannot tolerate you using Gods name in vein. I cringe everytime and ask myself why i would entertain someone who curses God
Aaron Douglas
Aaron Douglas 18 päeva tagasi
Adam if you haven't modified your truck. You should probably get it looked at because there not supposed to roll black smoke. A buddy of mine had one that was stock and started rolling black smoke and stuff started breaking which isn't hard with all the stuff they put into the trucks these days to keep emission levels down
Aaron Douglas
Aaron Douglas 18 päeva tagasi
The E36 is a clapped out turd
Aaron Douglas
Aaron Douglas 18 päeva tagasi
The E36 is a POS
RyanHarleyy 18 päeva tagasi
So Adam when is the fuel cap cover getting fixed ? 😂
AYYY LMAO 18 päeva tagasi
Theres not enough airflow through the bumper to keep it cool
JustDrift 18 päeva tagasi
I love seeing me favorite color on your car! The blue with hints of purple is just gorgeous
ethan wicker
ethan wicker 18 päeva tagasi
Nicholas Williams
Nicholas Williams 18 päeva tagasi
Anyone know what diff ratio he runs in this car?
Cameron 18 päeva tagasi
Obviously adam doesn't know how to drive or he would have lost the last battle with only 2nd gear. If he was good and knew what he was doing he would have lost but no he won so clearly not a good driver hahaha
Cameron 18 päeva tagasi
Obviously adam doesn't know how to drive or he would have lost the last battle with only 2nd gear. If he was good and knew what he was doing he would have lost but no he won so clearly not a good driver hahaha
Eric Tat
Eric Tat 18 päeva tagasi
30:40 That s14 sound tho...
John Hornbrook
John Hornbrook 18 päeva tagasi
CA peeps do not do bad weather well.
Zach Lambert
Zach Lambert 18 päeva tagasi
Adam just telling him to abuse the truck 😂
Driftking2020 18 päeva tagasi
Did I hear it right that the 36 is NA?
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