Pressure Washing 2 Miles of Concrete at the LZ Compound (Pt. 1)

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Adam LZ

29 päeva tagasi

One of the most requested videos - nothing but pure satisfaction watching this place get pressure washed and transformed! The difference is amazing and way too satisfying!

Garage Maker Guy
Garage Maker Guy 23 tundi tagasi
"Go-Cart Nirvana!" - I would definitely pay to ride the "LZ Compound Go-Cart Madness Ride". Give me an hour on that track :) Sign me up. Awesome. Cheers, Jeff (Garage Maker Guy)
Cj Wright
Cj Wright 4 päeva tagasi
Video of when your compound was on the market
Upi Sarhemaa
Upi Sarhemaa 6 päeva tagasi
why do americans use so much concrete, everything like that is made out of asphalt at least here in northern europe, finland (edit: googled it, concrete is better but cannot tolerate the tempature changes that we have here, gets really cold in winter and quite warm in summer... concrete would just crack alot)
gprime70 8 päeva tagasi
"Whos on the go karts?" "Oh Johan is on lunch break" 😂😂😂
daniel laver
daniel laver 10 päeva tagasi
Those go karts definitely need liveries matching some of the cars. R32 livery kart, s15 livery kart, cream kart 😂
SethsPhone 12 päeva tagasi
Lol I used to power wash disney, we just have a schedule lol
Randomguycommenting 13 päeva tagasi Compound before Adam bought it
Thomas Marchese
Thomas Marchese 13 päeva tagasi
S& a motorcycle homie in the house.
Stewpercharged 13 päeva tagasi
How long until the concrete is just covered in burnt rubber?
GTClutch 13 päeva tagasi
I was smiling all the way thru this video and didn't even realize it... love the energy *THUMBS UP*
Kaine Burkett
Kaine Burkett 14 päeva tagasi
Kaine Burkett
Kaine Burkett 14 päeva tagasi
Turns out it’s been on the market for over 5 years
Kaine Burkett
Kaine Burkett 14 päeva tagasi
EEpost just suggested me this video I was like this kinda looks familiar
John Griffin
John Griffin 14 päeva tagasi Here is the walkthrough video of the for sale compound five years ago. Interesting to see what cars were there.
Mk2Mike 14 päeva tagasi
should have bought a bunch of electric carts
G Kk
G Kk 15 päeva tagasi
Saúl Carrillo
Saúl Carrillo 16 päeva tagasi
Just found on my recomendations a add about the lz compound when it was selling 5 years ago, finally youtube did it's job
Bassik Pro form
Bassik Pro form 17 päeva tagasi
Little subtitle glitch around 10:02 😏
gary Carey
gary Carey 17 päeva tagasi
Chaz titan
Chaz titan 17 päeva tagasi
i guess I mow 16 miles of grass every week too.
Dalton Hanson
Dalton Hanson 17 päeva tagasi
Gerry Milidantri
Gerry Milidantri 17 päeva tagasi
Your a good guy Adam, I hope all your friends appreciate you sharing the fruits of your success. I'm really enjoying the video's created at the Compound
Gavin Hand
Gavin Hand 17 päeva tagasi
Turn on closed captions and go to 10:00
Gillian J
Gillian J 18 päeva tagasi
New to your channel I am enjoying it very much! Love the new compound I wish you and Collete many years of love & happiness✌🏼🌷
Irish Innit
Irish Innit 18 päeva tagasi
J’s fluid on the concrete and let the rain do the rest or j’s fluid and a garden hose. Like brand new.
project _tripn
project _tripn 18 päeva tagasi
I love that celsior, I have an ls400 and love to see em around
Brad Wilson
Brad Wilson 19 päeva tagasi
I just saw the remaining video selling the compound it's on freedom road. That is badass
Akshat Gupta
Akshat Gupta 19 päeva tagasi
Time trial with go karts
ozzynickersonn _
ozzynickersonn _ 20 päeva tagasi
He goes how are we gonna get job done😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂stop having funnn
David Pinto
David Pinto 20 päeva tagasi
EEpost money
Sandra Guntorius
Sandra Guntorius 22 päeva tagasi
Love ❤️
J. P.
J. P. 22 päeva tagasi
Much water, sweat, and combustion went into washing that compound. Nice work.
Cody&Tasha B
Cody&Tasha B 23 päeva tagasi
There is a video of this place on EEpost from 5 years ago when it was posted for sale.
Wonder Bread lwl
Wonder Bread lwl 23 päeva tagasi
I wonder if there is any other place that exists that's like this one
Collin Dolan
Collin Dolan 23 päeva tagasi
Recently found this channel and I must say I genuinely like mustache man👨 EEpost content is getting better and better as each creator buys their plot of land to make their own land of freedom
Dylan Payment
Dylan Payment 23 päeva tagasi
that voice crack tho
dolita windo
dolita windo 24 päeva tagasi
1 minute ago: no LZ video now: LZ vid with 50 comments 🤔😳🤷🏼‍♂️
James Franco The Duck
James Franco The Duck 24 päeva tagasi
I just watched A Day In The Life Of Adam LZ for the first time in 6 years, and now this. I'm so happy. To potentially be considered an og to the channel
Brian Robinson
Brian Robinson 24 päeva tagasi
If Grant is the "Father" would that make Cleetus the "Uncle" or the "Grandpa"?
Fraser Kennedy
Fraser Kennedy 24 päeva tagasi
Put plastic pipes on the rear wheels of the gokarts and have a drift tournament
Daring Dave
Daring Dave 24 päeva tagasi
Ngl power washing is a damn pleasant thing to watch
savethemanual 24 päeva tagasi
Never thought I could get so excited about pressure washing
e30maniak 24 päeva tagasi
Drift with pvc on karts! Check me how sick is this
Caelan MacRury
Caelan MacRury 25 päeva tagasi
Anyone see the solstice at the end in the background
XEVX 25 päeva tagasi
Is he ever gonna give his mom car back Uber way to busy
Desmond Cleaver
Desmond Cleaver 25 päeva tagasi
P C 25 päeva tagasi
Yo you aren't Power Washing correctly until you do it wearing Crocs!
ZACKS240SX 25 päeva tagasi
Honestly you can really tell how happy this place makes adam. The energy in the videos changed, im glad adam is doing better. EEpost is incredibly hard and having content like this very often is honestly insane. Mad respect Chief
angel negron
angel negron 25 päeva tagasi
Wrap each cart to match your cars.
Noah Davison
Noah Davison 25 päeva tagasi
Need to take The governors out
Wonder Bread
Wonder Bread 25 päeva tagasi
Adam had a Ford he knows fire.
Mikkel Hougaard
Mikkel Hougaard 25 päeva tagasi
lz compound tours on gocarts
tanner nanya
tanner nanya 25 päeva tagasi
i cant imagine how much the water bill is
Michael Moore
Michael Moore 25 päeva tagasi
Wonder what they learned about fueling a running generator with exposed spark plugs
Nick S
Nick S 25 päeva tagasi
how much oil do you smear on your forehead?
Gilbert T.
Gilbert T. 25 päeva tagasi
@10:12 you can see the fire in the background above the frog 😂
Kevin Arboleda
Kevin Arboleda 25 päeva tagasi
What kind of engines are on those karts
Joey Ries
Joey Ries 26 päeva tagasi
Damn son! 💥 looks amazing though....
DUALOVERHEADCAM 26 päeva tagasi
Lol @10:12 you can see the moment the cameraman notices the fire behind the frog
hobbiesaremyhobby 26 päeva tagasi
Go karts instead of golf karts to get around is way more gooder
Xeta House
Xeta House 26 päeva tagasi
At Disney Parks they dont pressure wash. Every single night they use high pressure Inch and a half hoses and hose down the entire park. They spray it all into the center of the roads and have street sweepers pick it up!
Reece Wood
Reece Wood 26 päeva tagasi
Put pvc piping on the rear to make them drift
Ivan Valentin
Ivan Valentin 26 päeva tagasi
Adam you should build them gx200s
Branden Lopez
Branden Lopez 26 päeva tagasi
Now you have to put matching decals to match the s15
alida flus
alida flus 26 päeva tagasi
When you see tire marks everywhere after the washing of the compound 👁 O 👁
Chris Topher
Chris Topher 26 päeva tagasi
Patiently waiting for the “WE HAVE ADDED A NEW MEMBER TO THE TEAM” everybody welcome grant!
cody lawrence
cody lawrence 26 päeva tagasi
The sub titles lmao
Gunthrix H.
Gunthrix H. 26 päeva tagasi
Pressure washing company that came is awesome. Good job guys 👍🏾
Matthew's Motorsports
Matthew's Motorsports 26 päeva tagasi
Drives me insane seeing people pressure wash from bottom to top
Devastation vG
Devastation vG 26 päeva tagasi
Damn I could’ve had a guy with some real deal pressure washing equipment and he could’ve done it better and faster
Carl Tannenbaum
Carl Tannenbaum 26 päeva tagasi
I remember when this was a car channel! LOL.
Kyle Wright
Kyle Wright 26 päeva tagasi
Who remembers the BMX days of Adam 😢
TH3 Geeky
TH3 Geeky 26 päeva tagasi
13:35 is that a, a.. is that.. IS THAT A SUPRA!?
ØD R I L ZØ 26 päeva tagasi
00:31 lol
Austin Weston
Austin Weston 26 päeva tagasi
I stopped watching his new videos and just watched old vids, but like everything sucks now, he isn't bmxing and Nicole's gone like damn
Jcko 26 päeva tagasi
You guys should practise air spraying on the go-karts and make your own liveries.
rhys read
rhys read 26 päeva tagasi
ahahaha why would u run 60 PSI the highest is around 20 PSI the tires will get worm then they will get to 30 PSI. im from the uk and i do karting because i wanna get into f1 and my PSI in my tires are 8 because they worm up quicker so u can go faster and still get around corner then after the race they come back around 15PSI and that really good try it out try 8 PSI
MG OLIVEIRA95 26 päeva tagasi
S15 livery on the go karts 🤘
Artur 26 päeva tagasi
It's been what, a week since you moved in? Adam's compound can already be drifted in Assetto Corsa. Check out SLAPtrain on YT
Jonny 2000BB6
Jonny 2000BB6 26 päeva tagasi
Deflate rear tires , slide on 10in pvc sleeves , inflate tires, then you have a driftable go kart.
Bebe Alli
Bebe Alli 26 päeva tagasi
ᵒⁿˡʸ ᵖᵒᵍᵍᵉʳˢ ᶜᵃⁿ ˢᵉᵉ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ
carguy 101
carguy 101 26 päeva tagasi
You need to upload quicker and more in volume .
Javier Mier
Javier Mier 26 päeva tagasi
The voice crack on the go cart kitttt part 🤣
DukeOfDC 26 päeva tagasi
Dude you should solar all those roofs! Off grid compound ftw!!! Haha
MadCarTK 26 päeva tagasi
Missed a spot
Danny Belanger
Danny Belanger 26 päeva tagasi
at 10:04 turn on sub tittle they uhhhh left a lil surprise
John Cena
John Cena 26 päeva tagasi
We need more content of you driving r34 gtr asap. Greetings from Latvia ✌🏻
Pauli Gunz
Pauli Gunz 26 päeva tagasi
All u have 2do now is find some 125 or 250cc dirt bikes on craigslist that are wrecked but still run good and do some motor
Marco Garcia
Marco Garcia 26 päeva tagasi
Pimp the cart out
4NDY 26 päeva tagasi
Don't spray water on a fuel fire, its only gonna make it worse! Damn lucky guys!
Turnt Chicken
Turnt Chicken 26 päeva tagasi
Don’t they They have pressure washing trucks that can just drive around
pokythornes 26 päeva tagasi
This is how you keep work local... and friends employed... keep it up.. no out sourcing here.
Kevin Baker
Kevin Baker 26 päeva tagasi
I’ve been watching Adam since Webisode 8 Who else can say that..??? Prolly 6 years ago crazy Feel like I’ve been watching him the whole way Would like to shake his hand tell him congratulations Thought he was crazy though when he went and turned to drifting from BMX!!
Kevin Baker
Kevin Baker 26 päeva tagasi
Just looked it’s actually been 7 years sense and ps where Cody end up? 😂
mat mul
mat mul 26 päeva tagasi
Drought, what drought.....
Xander Peeters
Xander Peeters 26 päeva tagasi
Your axle is bent, look at 3.48
Xander Peeters
Xander Peeters 26 päeva tagasi
If you know what the body kit is called, u can actually get custom stickers made by kd graphics
vlad muizneiks
vlad muizneiks 26 päeva tagasi
Should look into solar panels make the place go off grid lol
Tommy T
Tommy T 26 päeva tagasi
Maaaattee I’d have this done for $10k and 2 days, 40k psi, no bleach no mess!! Problem is I’m in Australia, so if you buy down under, give us a hoy!
Trustfire 26 päeva tagasi
I understand pressure washing it and all, but aren't you just gonna cover it in tyre marks anyway?
PlatinumDrifting 26 päeva tagasi
What a blast would it be to ride gokarts at the compound, especially if the karts had rotaxes
s1leNt100 26 päeva tagasi
0:30 puberty left the chat
Simon Pritchard
Simon Pritchard 26 päeva tagasi
instead of or as well as getting go karts i think you guys should get a few ssr 125s or little honda crf 110s but ssr 125 is cheaper and i have one there so much fun
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