Modifying a Broken 992 Turbo S...

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Adam LZ

13 päeva tagasi

Tried to take advantage of my time with the car by getting some stuff done! 90% of my ownership it's been sitting at the dealer, but hopefully she'll be back soon.
Champion Motorsport -
Presidential Detailing -
Auto Paint Guard -
Also: dear people that keep asking why I'm calling it a 992 sometimes and 911 other times. 911 Turbo S is the model - like "M3" - where 992 is the generation - like "e46". I often got this when calling my GT3RS a "991.2" (which is the facelift version of the 991).

Travis McGowan
Travis McGowan 2 tundi tagasi
for future reference, the Porsche crest on the center caps should always point towards to valve stem
Melanie Clare
Melanie Clare 13 tundi tagasi
Your finances are nobody’s business, thanks for the great videos
Jan Petke
Jan Petke 14 tundi tagasi
What kind of wheel - the new black one - do you now use on your Turbo S? Are these Porsche originals Wheels?
D C Päev tagasi
looking good
76ers Päev tagasi
5:35 - Why do tires have those pointy things?
Hannibal Motorsports
Hannibal Motorsports 2 päeva tagasi
Screw the don’t need to answer about your you!!!!
Sterling Smith
Sterling Smith 3 päeva tagasi
Adam Hey! your outro; road twisties, is that in Florida? I live near orlando and I need to know where some twisties are in FL. I havent been able to find any on the map. Where is that?
Wisam A
Wisam A 3 päeva tagasi
GT3 montage was dope
echo man
echo man 3 päeva tagasi
Anyone else notice this is the old shop
DanieI Joseph
DanieI Joseph 4 päeva tagasi
Drag race all your cars. Good to see the 335i twin turbo is still there.
Automobuilds 4 päeva tagasi
Ahh the good ol "only bottle of anti seize you'll need your entire life..." every gearhead should have one!
TJ Bishop
TJ Bishop 4 päeva tagasi
You can put a spacer on centerlocks
Ankit Bhatia
Ankit Bhatia 5 päeva tagasi
Dayym looking like a gangster
Robert Reid
Robert Reid 5 päeva tagasi
Was that torque wrench you used to pull the center lock off?
Dominick 5 päeva tagasi
Okay friends, are you ready for the financial ride of your life? The Porsche 911 is already an expensive car, even in base Carrera form. That doesn't include destination charges or indulging in a Porsche delivery experience.
João Pedro Lucena Pereira
João Pedro Lucena Pereira 6 päeva tagasi
It´s just a daily. Adam a month later: Instaling 1000hp turbo kit on my 992 turbo S.
Terry Kaz
Terry Kaz 6 päeva tagasi
Not worth it.....
hitardo 6 päeva tagasi
13:45 They are very professional! They wash it in direct sunlight, and do not even use the two bucket method. To be honest, the car was not that dirty to begin with. But, nevertheless, I was expecting a better method to clean this level of car. Moreover, the headlight coating is not that "good" after being for so long, and it is not that "easy" to sand it afterwards. And no PPF is not an additional clear coating when it comes to gloss. It is covering some aspects, but it does not add the amount of gloss that the clear coat does. At 18:10 you can see that on tight angles, the light does not bounce so clearly as on the original clear coat. This is especially true because of the higher thickness of the PPF used on the front. 18:39 Is using a clay bar on a new car necessary? Claying places micro scratches on the paint. This car was new. Yes to chemical decontamination, but no to physical decontamination. Yes, the Ocean trip - between Germany and the USA - may have done some bad things, but not that many, I imagine. Nevertheless, congratulations on the final product! Those headlights are a nightmare, and the end result is top notch.
Elton Lotz
Elton Lotz 6 päeva tagasi
why Adam's face is shiney?
Kyle Thompson
Kyle Thompson 6 päeva tagasi
I actually dig the stock wheel you have its a classy daily look.
Kyle Thompson
Kyle Thompson 6 päeva tagasi
Bruh...dry your forehead off.
Paul Mount
Paul Mount 6 päeva tagasi
That R8 tho! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
pjfan173 6 päeva tagasi
Take it one step further and get black Center caps
Gary Grubb
Gary Grubb 6 päeva tagasi
who just happens to have scissors in their back pocket? Get a decent knife mate.
LJmods 6 päeva tagasi
Whose r8 wtf???
A Seeber
A Seeber 7 päeva tagasi
Billy Banks
Billy Banks 7 päeva tagasi
Lol all that money an you still gotta take it back in
David Gutierrez
David Gutierrez 8 päeva tagasi
Please do an exhaust ASAP
ybaha199 8 päeva tagasi
I knew you were anal about this stuff but my God, I can't believe "de-nibbing" is actually a thing LOL
David Gutierrez
David Gutierrez 8 päeva tagasi
Your content has continued to improve since day one, congrats on all your success and cars!!
NorthStar76 8 päeva tagasi
I'm doing black on black on black.....See ya later
Senda95 8 päeva tagasi
Drop your skin care routine
Ben McLaughlin
Ben McLaughlin 8 päeva tagasi
Your poor torque wrench.
GUYGUY STUNT SHOW 8 päeva tagasi
Congrate buddy! You get the GRAAL for me ahah awesome! :)
RealOneThreeSevens 8 päeva tagasi
I want to see 70%-80% all around on a caged sports car, I wonder what it'd look like
r1freak1 8 päeva tagasi
Not again, no more Porsche videos, stick to JDM stuff .
christopher sweeting
christopher sweeting 8 päeva tagasi
bro u look like say dad jokes in a kid body
Jace G
Jace G 8 päeva tagasi
Idk if collet is color blind or sum her green is not even close to “lizard green”
Jace G
Jace G 8 päeva tagasi
Whos mkv is that,
Pizza Magee
Pizza Magee 9 päeva tagasi
My God does this need and exhaust
Swervin 9 päeva tagasi
That’s so sick
A Radford
A Radford 9 päeva tagasi
I'd be so upset if my new 992 PDK had issues with no miles on the car. Brutal.
Mike Snyder
Mike Snyder 9 päeva tagasi
What mats do you have under your cars?
Ted Tries Tech
Ted Tries Tech 9 päeva tagasi
I know you can afford a wireless lapel microphone….. do it for your fans ;)!
DeltaMOBILE 9 päeva tagasi
my absolute dream car
Georg Lutz
Georg Lutz 9 päeva tagasi
Porsche crest has to point to valve on wheels. Just sayin 😜
h34evr 9 päeva tagasi
how not to use a torque wrench
Dislectic Gamer
Dislectic Gamer 9 päeva tagasi
Thing is gonna look sick! 🤙🏽
Brian Schwab
Brian Schwab 9 päeva tagasi
CarPro Elixir is what you want for Black cars- my BMW is coated with Gtechniq CSL/ExoV4 I stopped using Bead maker after seeing how CarPro Elixir gives the car true darker deeper 3D effect to the paint. Bead Maker gives off very cheap gloss compared to CarPro Elixir! Bead Maker was moved to being my wheels drying aid.
Broo_sh 9 päeva tagasi
not a american not a japan car
TNT GENETICS 9 päeva tagasi
Hell yeah looking awesome
Noah Gutierrez
Noah Gutierrez 10 päeva tagasi
Does anyone else feel nostalgia when you hear his outro music? It's been the same since the beginning, every time I hear it all I can think of is him going to the skatepark in the 240
Ryan F
Ryan F 10 päeva tagasi
They way you are lifting those wheels on and off, I'm not supprised your back is trashed dude.
robert anderson
robert anderson 10 päeva tagasi
Ditch the porche and do a kswap nsx build!
Trial N' ERROR
Trial N' ERROR 10 päeva tagasi
Damn that 992 is so murdered out that by the end of the video it was gone!
Zach The Baptist
Zach The Baptist 10 päeva tagasi
Type R is an amazing daily, probably the epitome of a daily. I’ve had mine for a year now, and I enjoy every mile!
Zach The Baptist
Zach The Baptist 10 päeva tagasi
@patchedupdemon it’s not for everyone
patchedupdemon 10 päeva tagasi
Shame its one of the ugliest cars made
JC Denton
JC Denton 10 päeva tagasi
You know you don't need to replace your tires if you get a nail in the tire right? You can just remove the nail and fill it. Or just replace one tire
Miguel Collado
Miguel Collado 10 päeva tagasi
Excellent Wheel Choice!
Liam Reid-Laynes
Liam Reid-Laynes 10 päeva tagasi
Did he tighten the wheels?!?!?! I'm getting anxious because he didn't show it...
Diddi Cruz
Diddi Cruz 10 päeva tagasi
please get the carbon fiber side scoops its just a straight swap out.. also BLACK center caps.
Dora Berke Şirin
Dora Berke Şirin 10 päeva tagasi
damn youre living my dream life gt3 and a turbo s? man you achieved it
neil2015999 10 päeva tagasi
How does the ac system on a car.. have anything to with an engine that overheats...? N x
Ned Dunbar
Ned Dunbar 10 päeva tagasi
Hunter Quinn
Hunter Quinn 10 päeva tagasi
Things I've literally never done.... de-nib tires 🤣🤣
george hernandez
george hernandez 10 päeva tagasi
Bro... torque wrench isn’t a breaker bar. I know you know, and you know I know you know, but still my guy...
Brian Mogle
Brian Mogle 10 päeva tagasi
You need this setup for your garage to wash cars without water spots!
Brian Mogle
Brian Mogle 10 päeva tagasi
I can't believe you are using a torque wrench instead of a breaker bar to break loose the center lock. Good way to damage your calibration. SMH. Basic tools and their uses! I would highly recommend you get rid of the center locking hubs because they come loose a LOT! Check out any of the Porsche forums, it's well documented. Very nice wheels!!!
K Babe
K Babe 10 päeva tagasi
Don't know whats more shiney, the Porsche or your forehead.
Snow Puddle
Snow Puddle 10 päeva tagasi
why is his upper face so shiny
Mtb Ridingog
Mtb Ridingog 10 päeva tagasi
CYAHATIN — 10 päeva tagasi
More skids and less talking
Matt Poynton
Matt Poynton 10 päeva tagasi
Can’t wait to see the the stuff he’s going to do to that Porsche
Mike R
Mike R 10 päeva tagasi
I can't imagine how much you paid for all of that ceramic coating and PPF. I took my Z06 there and only did a PPF on the front end, but ceramic coated the whole car and I spent a fortune. I'm betting this was 15-20k worth of work.
aboogie247 10 päeva tagasi
looks great ! jet black or metallic black ?
FartOnPinecones 10 päeva tagasi
"I'm probably gonna take the Pamanera instead"
Jimmy Barber
Jimmy Barber 10 päeva tagasi
Those rims look so good on the car
travis shimabukuro
travis shimabukuro 10 päeva tagasi
I'm not a Porsche guy... but that car with the new rims and in black looks really good
Mason David
Mason David 10 päeva tagasi
Gotta say- enjoying these vids less and less over the years.
damien dawe
damien dawe 10 päeva tagasi
Rotiform has those as well
Seamus Busby Jr
Seamus Busby Jr 10 päeva tagasi
you got a mini radiator leak
Raj R
Raj R 10 päeva tagasi
I always like this guy on EEpost ! Very humble shop owner.
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez 10 päeva tagasi
I know this is gonna sound wild , but I think you should bag the new daily
Austin Mohr
Austin Mohr 10 päeva tagasi
I think you guys are underestimating adams bank account, dudes a monetized channel in the millions / ex pro bmx rider / fd driver with all the sponsors in the world I think he knows what he can & can’t afford
Francisco Juarez
Francisco Juarez 10 päeva tagasi
He knows about instant gratification, not a lot of people will know Bout delay gratification.
Xbox SeriesX
Xbox SeriesX 10 päeva tagasi
Did you keep stock OD on the tires? Always keep stock OD on AWD
koolkev75 10 päeva tagasi
Sweet ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
Dewa Mahardika Dwijanatha
Dewa Mahardika Dwijanatha 10 päeva tagasi
Perfect setup, full black with the yellow
wolfeman11111 10 päeva tagasi
Those should be the stock rims for the turbo s honestly... 100x sexier
Cory Ganzermiller
Cory Ganzermiller 10 päeva tagasi
10000% better Stock was shit lol
Chris Top Speed
Chris Top Speed 10 päeva tagasi
That porsche is one badass mf machine. Props to you man. Just goes to show, hard work pays off. Thanks for sharing 👍🏻😎
Dan Schultz
Dan Schultz 10 päeva tagasi
The black wheels make it look 10x’s better
Gonzo Bro
Gonzo Bro 10 päeva tagasi
Your supposed to brake them loose in the air with the brakes applied 😩
Francis Curran
Francis Curran 10 päeva tagasi
Buy a breaker bar wtf
James Newman
James Newman 10 päeva tagasi
Always undo and torque centre locks in the air!!!! Very important Porsche instructions. Torque specs for centre lock wheels is 600nm. This has been drilled into my head over my main dealer apprenticeship.
Meech 11 päeva tagasi
For real adam. This car bruh. One of my fav aside from the gt350 mustang. Absolute beaut.
Thatguywithnopancreas 11 päeva tagasi
Think you can bypass that startstop shit
Thatguywithnopancreas 11 päeva tagasi
I just drooled on myself
Thatguywithnopancreas 11 päeva tagasi
Headlights should of been YELLOW MANN
Thatguywithnopancreas 11 päeva tagasi
Thatguywithnopancreas 11 päeva tagasi
Why would you raise the car up and then try and loosen it? Haa. Wouldn't that put too much strain on the drive train? Lol 🤷🏻‍♂️ it's ADAM'S WORLD NOTHING ELSE MATTERS...IT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET Completely materialistic ,and a "look what I got" kinda attitude when you have the ABILITY TO HELP SOO MANY PEOPLE...I ALLWAYS SAID QHEN I COULD I'D TAKE CARE OF ALL MY FAM AND FRIENDS WHICH IS LIKE 3 SOOO i dunno JUST TGE ATTITUDE YOU GUYS PUT OUT THERE...🤷🏻‍♂️ LOOK AT COLLETTE AND ASK HER IF YOUR LIKE THAT ,AND IF SHE LOVES YOU SHELL TELL YOU THE TRUTH. GODSPEED. SICK RIDE
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