LZ Compound Drift Games with Chelsea Denofa

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Adam LZ

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Chelsea was in town and we were both excited to get some driving together at the new place. Definitely was an interesting day between the different cars and challenges! Podcast coming... eventually. Lol. LZMFG.com

Mr z_dub
Mr z_dub 19 tundi tagasi
Chelsea took the dub on that one sorry adam
Ishaaq Mohammed
Ishaaq Mohammed Päev tagasi
girls be like: my eye liner was off . boys be like: the transition was you were going like ratatatata
Caleb Woodward
Caleb Woodward Päev tagasi
The dislikes on this video are the neighbours
Neil-Willem Büchner
Neil-Willem Büchner 4 päeva tagasi
The chaser is right hand drive like the cars we drive in South Africa
Roman Wahhab
Roman Wahhab 5 päeva tagasi
Good vid
Jeremy 11 päeva tagasi
It was weirdly satisfying hearing colette's swearing, but it got bleeped. Lol
Anthony miller
Anthony miller 12 päeva tagasi
I think Chelsea won cuz of the fireballs
gprime70 12 päeva tagasi
MAD LAD @36:09
RcNickster 13 päeva tagasi
THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Outstanding all round!!
RcNickster 13 päeva tagasi
Oh and tough call on the drifting challenge? I think Chelsea takes it on this one
GTClutch 14 päeva tagasi
Chelsea took the win, he was really smooth
J RA 16 päeva tagasi
Yeah I think Chelsea got that one. He was stuck to you pretty well. That was a really cool idea though, man. Lots of fun on this one.
John Dc2
John Dc2 17 päeva tagasi
You can't say paintball gun ? :(
Noe Martinez
Noe Martinez 18 päeva tagasi
Chelsea got it.
Snazzy 18 päeva tagasi
28:33 for me
Bubba chris
Bubba chris 20 päeva tagasi
Adam needs to hire someone who fly's drones at drift events !!
Coolievill 3sixty
Coolievill 3sixty 21 päev tagasi
His was on yo door the entire time nice donut
J BannermanVlogs
J BannermanVlogs 21 päev tagasi
16:55 Collete moans
Manish Toor
Manish Toor 21 päev tagasi
Guys got skills that's for sure.
Car Groves
Car Groves 24 päeva tagasi
Your compound needs a fleet of E46’s with stock exhaust.
Evan Thorpe
Evan Thorpe 24 päeva tagasi
I didn't realize that Chelsea Denofa married a Chelsea and I'm very fascinated by both husband and wife being Chelsea Denofa
Channing 24 päeva tagasi
The tandem in a short vid=20 million views in a week. So sick.
willh108 24 päeva tagasi
Yo, haven't watched his videos in a while, where's berto at?
JROD 26 päeva tagasi
You should do donuts and try to make some beer pong shots
Parker Haley
Parker Haley 26 päeva tagasi
Chelsea ripped it with all the transitions making impossible for Adam to know when he was going to... Chelsea won the last one I think
Tdl Australia
Tdl Australia 26 päeva tagasi
I think chelsea won that one
Rodrick Lodowica
Rodrick Lodowica 26 päeva tagasi
Drax3D 26 päeva tagasi
if anyone wonders what kind of animal girls saved it was - Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa. (Turkuc Podjadek in Polish ;) )
kevon ramson gaming
kevon ramson gaming 26 päeva tagasi
I love when you say paintball pu pu
Spencer Bowers
Spencer Bowers 27 päeva tagasi
Chelsea 100% he had a better chase run!
TheRacerxjj 27 päeva tagasi
Ik I'm gonna sound stupid but what is the make and model of the chaser
Unheard 27 päeva tagasi
Okay but the S13’s idle is so gangster
Matt Murray
Matt Murray 27 päeva tagasi
Just watching the drifting at the end is frightening!
aLLRimmeDouT 28 päeva tagasi
love me some wildlife planet.
utahgeoff 28 päeva tagasi
OMT on the eye-liner.
Chuck Fowler
Chuck Fowler 28 päeva tagasi
The bug is a mole cricket
Darian Campbell
Darian Campbell 29 päeva tagasi
Broooooo ending the video that way nice
Darian Campbell
Darian Campbell 29 päeva tagasi
Lllllloooooooovvvvvveeee it bro nice drift nice place
the real unholystemcells
the real unholystemcells 29 päeva tagasi
Sorry Adam, Chelsea takes it... 1. Each run had one major correction, canceling each other out. 2. Chelsea had closer proximity for a larger portion of his chase run. 3. Chelsea had more intensity on his lead run.
Alex Lach
Alex Lach 29 päeva tagasi
AngryMater13 LA
AngryMater13 LA 29 päeva tagasi
Who is the other girl?
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones 29 päeva tagasi
I pick Adam as the winner, because Chelsea needs a haircut. Haha. But your both really good.
Bass Assassin
Bass Assassin 29 päeva tagasi
25:46 "d-there gonna come down on us. A-huh? D- i just shot straight in the air" Chelseas start to giggle and could hold it back. Thats what true fun feels like awesome to watch yall have such a good time
The 48th State Outdoors
The 48th State Outdoors 29 päeva tagasi
Chelsea kept you guessing more and he drove more comfortably Than you so I vote Chelsea's win sorry bro I really thought you were going to take it knowing the place better too
John Easterday
John Easterday Місяць tagasi
G word 21:47 :)
Wolfpack Gaming
Wolfpack Gaming Місяць tagasi
dirtyrider098 Місяць tagasi
any wagers on how long before the corner of one of the buildings gets tore off? haha
André Ewert
André Ewert Місяць tagasi
"Her tips are bigger than mine"... i totally heard that wrong.
James Schulte
James Schulte Місяць tagasi
Best cat and mouse drifting video I've seen to date.
Ryan Michael
Ryan Michael Місяць tagasi
Chelsea won, better chaser
TrojanZ-YT Місяць tagasi
Anyone else notice how Chelsea jumped the rear end of Adam’s chaser 😆
store got shutdown
store got shutdown Місяць tagasi
Can we talk
Sepppe04 Місяць tagasi
35:30 is it normal that there is a kind of fire ball under your chaser?
Aaron Oosterhoff
Aaron Oosterhoff Місяць tagasi
man when you did that first chase run I was sweating but Chelsea freaking killed it! holy shit hes a good driver.
Aaron Oosterhoff
Aaron Oosterhoff Місяць tagasi
drive by training for the mexican hoon cartel hit and runs
Sean Kanady
Sean Kanady Місяць tagasi
this man is such inspiration! came from bmx jam vlogs to 20 cars and a mf compound. mans is so humble too, always liked that about him!
Nils Christian Halvorsen
Nils Christian Halvorsen Місяць tagasi
honestly i think Chelsea was the better one, he adapted to new cars and a totally new track. That being said, i think both of you were really good!!😻
Nils Christian Halvorsen
Nils Christian Halvorsen Місяць tagasi
those donuts at the end tho😍😍
_Mr.Boss_ Місяць tagasi
I play paintball competitively and I'm just freaking out about non of yall wearing paintball mask
Dta Jakobs
Dta Jakobs Місяць tagasi
Have a question for you. Why don't you drift with 4wd? It's a super great place is perfect for you.
Jesper P
Jesper P Місяць tagasi
Am I the only one that thinks Chelsea look a bit like Jimmy Oakes
TheDemobus/Auto creator's
TheDemobus/Auto creator's Місяць tagasi
adam seems so wired up like a 19 year old in some of his vids just so excited for everything
Tedo Місяць tagasi
when you give an adult toddler money.
Joshua Hall
Joshua Hall Місяць tagasi
Paintball Maker for next time adam>>
Danny Desjardins
Danny Desjardins Місяць tagasi
We want more video like that !!! EEpostrs pro drifters ! And drone shot !!!
Anonymous Vibemaster
Anonymous Vibemaster Місяць tagasi
That was one of the best outro clips in a while! Perfectly timed with the song.
crfrider2005 Місяць tagasi
Guard rails around the corners of the building and the place is ready to shreddd
Badger Cam NI
Badger Cam NI Місяць tagasi
What is the crack with people not say gun on here? The new policy is no selling of guns through here. Or allowing guns to be made into automatic
Aaron Foster
Aaron Foster Місяць tagasi
Biggest humble flex “what’s wrong do you want a different car” that’s so sick just peep through my fleet of drift cars and grab one you like
Seth Mutuku
Seth Mutuku Місяць tagasi
3 million subs. Congratulations
Jack McFarland
Jack McFarland Місяць tagasi
That was a cicada you saved from the ants
Adam Bastien
Adam Bastien Місяць tagasi
You need a hard section that you have all guests drift like how hoonigan had manline
cryptic styles
cryptic styles Місяць tagasi
ngl that bug was kinda cute
Matthew Morrison
Matthew Morrison Місяць tagasi
Chelsea cause right hand drive and visitor pro advantage. Jk. This vid was awesome. Love you both great content.
mikeyboy69ish Місяць tagasi
Also I’m waiting for the drone cams
mikeyboy69ish Місяць tagasi
I feel like it’s be better to have target stickers on the car and maybe everyone standing around trying to hit those every shot you take is a point of
Jon Lovett
Jon Lovett Місяць tagasi
Need a drone pilot!
Sergio Andres
Sergio Andres Місяць tagasi
This dude just asked him he wanted a different car to drift as if it was nothing lol
Zach Vlogs
Zach Vlogs Місяць tagasi
Love how Adam said yea I’m not gonna do a lot of drifting and racing around in the first video of the compound because he doesn’t wanna disturb his neighbors yet here he is😂😂 love it
mrfordfairmont Місяць tagasi
drifting around the compound is cleaning the concrete but the dust on the cars..
Benjamin Rippons
Benjamin Rippons Місяць tagasi
Those tandems were something else! Some of the craziest driving I've seen in a while that would be something else to see the hoonicon drifting that
Daryl Kelly
Daryl Kelly Місяць tagasi
The tandem runs were so EPIC!!! Both are really awesome drivers.
Andrew1995bah Місяць tagasi
What evert shops you don’t use you should rent them out
Joseph Mundy
Joseph Mundy Місяць tagasi
Soooo Sick!!! I was so into it through the whole vid. Thanks for being RaD
Andrew1995bah Місяць tagasi
Should of put a cone up 5 ft before the targets in the tree
Andrew1995bah Місяць tagasi
You need no get cleetus out there with the crew to do burn outs
Andrew1995bah Місяць tagasi
Is that Chelsea’s wife? Riding with him?
SV Місяць tagasi
that insect is actually called "mole cricket" xD
Mason Lopez
Mason Lopez Місяць tagasi
We need sum drone footage! Wish we could've seen all the drifting a lil better. None the less tho good driving on both sides 💥🔥
BehindYour House
BehindYour House Місяць tagasi
The hole🙄
Stxcks Media
Stxcks Media Місяць tagasi
Bet LZ wont 1v1 me on paintball.
Driftaholics101 Місяць tagasi
Chelsea for the win!
As above So below .-.
As above So below .-. Місяць tagasi
Broo there gonna poke there eye out sheesh
A Class Vlogs
A Class Vlogs Місяць tagasi
Wooooow. This episode had me smiling right through... the way you guys had fun with the car makes my heart overwhelmed... wow🤗🤗🤗🤗
BlakeV264 Місяць tagasi
Hoonigans to the LZ Compound, LZ team to Hoonigan Studios. Lets make it happen
Nathan Tolhurst
Nathan Tolhurst Місяць tagasi
Been watching for years and I still enjoy Adam's concentration while driving!!
r j auto
r j auto Місяць tagasi
That was sick your both as good as one another 🌟🌟🌟👌
chadr1331 Місяць tagasi
Mole cricket
David Thompson
David Thompson Місяць tagasi
lmao you guys are nuts, is this normal in florida?
Luis Carrion
Luis Carrion Місяць tagasi
Adam you should consider bollards for building corners :o
RC Headquaters
RC Headquaters Місяць tagasi
Your gf is so annoying, also nobody cares about eye liner or a make up challenge
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