I Bought a Fleet of Go-Carts for the LZ Compound!

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Adam LZ

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We keep talking about go-carts... so I figured it was time to make a move! We also wound up scoring some other cool goodies that should be a lot of fun! Thanks Bret! bushnellmotorsportspark.com

bmxcycles 11 päeva tagasi
Miata is small enough, make it a hotboi compound missile car 🤷🏼‍♂️
Justin Alan
Justin Alan 13 päeva tagasi
Can’t wait to see the plans for the Miata!! I just got a 92 Miata (manual with 145k) in January and I love it!! Gonna be making it a drift car to get my start into it!
Elijah Stroud
Elijah Stroud 14 päeva tagasi
the camera tips and tricks bit got me 😭
GTClutch 14 päeva tagasi
I might not be much of a Miata or at all but I did enjoyed Shulman's 😂😂😂
Global Savage
Global Savage 18 päeva tagasi
Her voice is annoying
Global Savage
Global Savage 18 päeva tagasi
She love spending his money
One Sad Tech
One Sad Tech 18 päeva tagasi
"It's super clean, just really dirty" only makes sense to car people. 😂
ichigozanghetsu 20 päeva tagasi
I got a feeling that Adam visiting hoonigan, has something to do with adam's carcaine problem. Blame scotto😂
Tarunn Sharma
Tarunn Sharma 24 päeva tagasi
When I saw “fleet of go carts” I thought you bought 6 miata’s lol
pigeon. 26 päeva tagasi
5:55 it is insanely clean, its just dirty *BLEW MY MIND*
Captain Zoll
Captain Zoll 26 päeva tagasi
so when are you painting the HQ workshop in HKS livery?
Bohdan Girdwood
Bohdan Girdwood 27 päeva tagasi
everything together was 1000$
AkagiPro1 27 päeva tagasi
Miatas will always start!! That’s why they are always the answer hahaha
Evan Pate
Evan Pate 27 päeva tagasi
Miata drift build?
Thomas Bougher
Thomas Bougher 27 päeva tagasi
And it's ALL a tax deductible business expense! IMAGINE, getting PAID to SHOP for cool stuff. These kids are having TOO MUCH FUN!!
John Congo
John Congo 28 päeva tagasi
Next Episode: "I bought a planet just for me! And drift cars"
Miles Swanson
Miles Swanson 28 päeva tagasi
You should get golf carts too
Marcel Roose
Marcel Roose 28 päeva tagasi
5:56 it is actually insanely clean its just dirty😂
Ryan Gorges
Ryan Gorges 28 päeva tagasi
Maybe this time now with colletes influence we’ll finally see a rotary Miata lol
Spargruff 29 päeva tagasi
That bike at the beginning is a repop whizzer (that you guys didn’t know anything about )
Tyler Mosley
Tyler Mosley 29 päeva tagasi
When I saw this I thought of American pickers
SaP Puncake
SaP Puncake 29 päeva tagasi
What's the outro song?
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones 29 päeva tagasi
Y’all should reach out too Glenn Long and Family of Long Road Racing in Statesville, NC. There a long time manufacturer of Miata Racecars for the MX-5 Cup Series. They could do an amazing roll cage and such for the Miata.
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones 29 päeva tagasi
You should’ve bought the boxing/wrestling ring.
Richard Grant
Richard Grant 29 päeva tagasi
You bought 7 go karts
that_one_hoosier Місяць tagasi
anyone know the outro song name
Bought Not Built
Bought Not Built Місяць tagasi
Watch your step, Schulmann !!!
JD Bino
JD Bino Місяць tagasi
I'm calling it now .... miata giveaway coming!!!
Rick te Kronnie
Rick te Kronnie Місяць tagasi
That motorized bicycle is awesome, reminds me of the early days of motorcycles, they where just like that only with a belt drive instead of chain
Ryan Thimsen
Ryan Thimsen Місяць tagasi
The motorized bike is sweet, I have 3 of them they are fun little bikes
Rich Acevedo
Rich Acevedo Місяць tagasi
I want a daily Miata
Santso Місяць tagasi
Colette needs electric motor for her compound bike that cheap Chinese 2stroke gonna broke in no time.
joel mehalski
joel mehalski Місяць tagasi
Soon as that mazda started boom collette lost her car
Ranga Racing
Ranga Racing Місяць tagasi
Make the miata a shark cart like hoonigian
Ju Місяць tagasi
Adam casually doing the craziest shit in the car game :O
Philip Nikitin
Philip Nikitin Місяць tagasi
"Mike Broke" 12:14
_ pokeplayer45 _
_ pokeplayer45 _ Місяць tagasi
*buys mopeds* Turns into Motovloggers
Aaron Oosterhoff
Aaron Oosterhoff Місяць tagasi
now I know why Mike has grays; Adam stressing him out all the time breaking his shiiiit
Nelly Nel
Nelly Nel Місяць tagasi
Now that's what i call a Go-kart starter pack
Evan Місяць tagasi
rb in the miata????
Kenji Місяць tagasi
Cleetus should buy the rest and have them race around the track
Ariel Lopez
Ariel Lopez Місяць tagasi
I think you read my comment about the compound being a nice go kart track. Now we settle with a go kart race
pieman rocks
pieman rocks Місяць tagasi
Slam the Miata
I'm Verty
I'm Verty Місяць tagasi
Miatas are great, love mine, needs a lot of work done, but it'll be done, plans are to get it osw ready by at least the end of the year
stevo kanevo
stevo kanevo Місяць tagasi
Paid 650 for car lol
stevo kanevo
stevo kanevo Місяць tagasi
Bro u said price under a thousand u said two bikes and car for 1000 then said 350 for bikes you paid 650
Yendori TV
Yendori TV Місяць tagasi
cheeky buying spree!
Simon G
Simon G Місяць tagasi
Ls swap miata for ultimate compound drift car
Night Shift240sx
Night Shift240sx Місяць tagasi
Ngl he should keep it stock and race it that way
poo poo
poo poo Місяць tagasi
ls swap it
naivay Місяць tagasi
Keep it, paint it for a project, and turbo it, build it, the first compound build
ethan french-foerster
ethan french-foerster Місяць tagasi
Dude in the red shirt loves checkin on your lady🤣😭
B novs
B novs Місяць tagasi
Pleaseeeee upgrade the audio man.. love the content tho just sometimes hard to hear everyone if they aren’t close to the camera
Kolby_ Account
Kolby_ Account Місяць tagasi
@9:31 caught him lookin😂
Andy Cox
Andy Cox Місяць tagasi
Please tell me Vice Grip Garage is gonna come help with those go carts.....
Ryan Seay
Ryan Seay Місяць tagasi
Jimmy’s coming to town?!
90lxFox Місяць tagasi
ofc it runs its a miata
Lochlan Brookes
Lochlan Brookes Місяць tagasi
LS swap the miata
T.J. Jameson
T.J. Jameson Місяць tagasi
I like how Adam says "I dont know where we are gonna put all this stuff". Dude! You got like 8 garages on your compound! LOL.
Elevated Місяць tagasi
That Miata bring back good memories
Tony B
Tony B Місяць tagasi
Derek from Vice Grip Garage gonna work on Miata?
Brandon Vargas
Brandon Vargas Місяць tagasi
You should race the miata in 24 hours of lemons
Bill Green
Bill Green Місяць tagasi
The "compound" haha
Sebiche Місяць tagasi
Let me know if you end up selling the miata please, i want something cheap to learn how to drift
Jose Sollberger
Jose Sollberger Місяць tagasi
The moped’s name is Toothless it’s settled😂😂
hold lzzz
hold lzzz Місяць tagasi
The bike is called a pedal bike they go for 250 usally but the engine is not installed on
ivox Місяць tagasi
cant wait to see you guys race the go carts through the compound
Grant Hendley
Grant Hendley Місяць tagasi
Vice Grip???
dapitbull2009 Місяць tagasi
Audio stinks.
Imaginary Friend
Imaginary Friend Місяць tagasi
Can't wait to see "Kart racing at The Freedom Factory..."
Abdul Rahman
Abdul Rahman Місяць tagasi
A V6 , caged , wide body miata drift missile would be sick
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Місяць tagasi
Who remembers Nicole’s Miata
phils51 Місяць tagasi
When are you going to get Sammit and his wife over to visit and see the compound. Sam loves miatas
Aaron Cable
Aaron Cable Місяць tagasi
I learnt something from this dont buy stuff later at night you'll end up with more then you went to get or went to buy
Calli Місяць tagasi
geez driving that gocarts in the compound is soooooo much fun for sure!
The Slash Man Rc
The Slash Man Rc Місяць tagasi
What year is that miata?
Calli Місяць tagasi
me reading the title: "oh youre talking about the miata"
Reave Wilber
Reave Wilber Місяць tagasi
I was an original employee at BMP and actually put some of those karts together when they were new! I live in bushnell lol
Rihito Kimura
Rihito Kimura Місяць tagasi
“It’s so clean, it’s just dirty.” - Colette
Logan Murray
Logan Murray Місяць tagasi
I will be soo stoked if you build a Miata!!!
Jae Fadd
Jae Fadd Місяць tagasi
Build the miata plssssss I need a miata to look up To
Eli McClellan
Eli McClellan Місяць tagasi
Please tell me good ole Vice Grip himself is coming out
loysportcarbuilders Місяць tagasi
It's a mx5 🤣
ExcellentCarpet Місяць tagasi
Damn how much you want for that Miata 😂
Lauch Lauch
Lauch Lauch Місяць tagasi
Rb Swap the Go Kart 😂
Moto Matt
Moto Matt Місяць tagasi
Just buying a whole bunch of junk at this point 🤦‍♂️
Ethan McClure
Ethan McClure Місяць tagasi
13B miata
Onell Lee #lifeofonell
Onell Lee #lifeofonell Місяць tagasi
I have one of those scooters. They're super easy to work on and do about 75mph.
Gena May Dalisay
Gena May Dalisay Місяць tagasi
When you give away bike im fan in philiphines
Tom Jones
Tom Jones Місяць tagasi
On this week's episode of American Pickers!
Rob Місяць tagasi
If you shake it more than once than your playing with it
Brock Cribbie
Brock Cribbie Місяць tagasi
They bought the mists for $650. At one point in the video when they are making a deal for the bike and scooter for $350 and Adam points over to the mists and say “so $1000 all together”
Banana Mash
Banana Mash Місяць tagasi
you need to invite Rudnick to the compound
renzo 4002
renzo 4002 Місяць tagasi
Where is bert?
Rico Cruz
Rico Cruz Місяць tagasi
a hoonigan style shart kart would be sick. y’all just throw a ebay turbo and some coils and have your visitors drift around and beat that around the compound
DylanSN95 Місяць tagasi
Mike looked pissed when the camera fell lol
Adam - referring to the MX5 “I don’t want to tell you what I paid for it incase we decide to sell it” Adam - tells us he paid $650 for the MX5
Street Butter
Street Butter Місяць tagasi
Rotary powered Miata or else
THE_ CGW Місяць tagasi
Adam you should turn 4 of those karts into drift karts
Jake Gifford
Jake Gifford Місяць tagasi
I like hat shirt on collette
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