Fixing Up The Compound Karts! (First Rips)

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Adam LZ

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Our resident small engine professional, Grant, AKA Groot, Grit, Greet, Dad, etc - flew in last-minute to help get these things ripping. For your chance to win a BMW M4 Competition Coupe and $20,000 and support a great cause, enter at

Adam LZ
Adam LZ Місяць tagasi
For your chance to win a BMW M4 Competition Coupe and $20,000 and support a great cause, enter at
Moezdalifa El Boulhtoufi
Moezdalifa El Boulhtoufi 20 päeva tagasi
87788w2ie@Grimm Gaming
Luna Brandão
Luna Brandão 25 päeva tagasi
@Grimm Gaming ppp PP ppp PP PP PP ppp PP ppppppp pra op
Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Davis 27 päeva tagasi
Black is the best color for that front end. It blends in
Cooper Larson
Cooper Larson 27 päeva tagasi
u should get a briggs lo206
Grimm Gaming
Grimm Gaming 27 päeva tagasi
@Issac Daniels Already have a 71 Chevelle SS at home
Buckwild Gp
Buckwild Gp Päev tagasi
how much does it run for one of these!?!?! always wanted one just never got the chance
Gift Machiwana
Gift Machiwana 2 päeva tagasi
I want the BMW
Jord 19 päeva tagasi
Lmaoo, watching these dudes mount gokart tyres reminds me of putting tyres on lego wheels as a kid
Devin Buchhorn
Devin Buchhorn 20 päeva tagasi
No 3mil sub celebration??
Devin Buchhorn
Devin Buchhorn 20 päeva tagasi
Burnzo Matic
Burnzo Matic 21 päev tagasi
is that a supra!!!! 11:51
Alessandro C.
Alessandro C. 23 päeva tagasi
No one gunna talk ab the white supra at 11:52 🥵
Sandra Guntorius
Sandra Guntorius 23 päeva tagasi
Love ❤️
Eejit 24 päeva tagasi
I’m opening a go kart track in Arizona featuring 10 of the worlds tracks , scaled down of course .. it will be awesome ,hope you can swing in
Ed Wolfram
Ed Wolfram 24 päeva tagasi
You can do a motor swap with harbor freight predators for that blow it up and trade it in warranty when it is finally time.
Paul Wemhaner
Paul Wemhaner 24 päeva tagasi
"Millennial Falcum" - Adam LZ 2021 ....... and......... UNSUBSCRIBED. ;)
Clem Prebble
Clem Prebble 24 päeva tagasi
pro tip, put pvc pipe around the tires and then itll drift like theres no tomorrow.
DOCTR J 91 24 päeva tagasi
And turn the darn idle screw up bui
DOCTR J 91 24 päeva tagasi
Make em change the tyres before they have a rip
DOCTR J 91 24 päeva tagasi
Man gets it done
Diego Savage
Diego Savage 25 päeva tagasi
Meniscus is a part of the knee, js, only reason I know is cause I tore both of mine lol
Cory Mckeown
Cory Mckeown 25 päeva tagasi
You should put some PVC pipes on the rear wheels and that way you've turned them into drift karts
Skylor Bornman
Skylor Bornman 25 päeva tagasi
My wish is that you will ship cars to South Africa 😂 I’ll give updates
BDDON 25 päeva tagasi
put some pvc pipe on the back tires to make them drift karts.
Erik Larson
Erik Larson 25 päeva tagasi
I have heard of you from Cleetus, but that molestache though. Can't follow that thing.
aymen aymen
aymen aymen 25 päeva tagasi
make sure you guys check car's history befor buying , i learned the hard way ... i now use this site and it saved me a bunch of times from making bad del's
Vick Kessler
Vick Kessler 25 päeva tagasi
Here me out..... turbo it
Joey Ries
Joey Ries 26 päeva tagasi
Fuckin Tommy🤣
Anton AB
Anton AB 26 päeva tagasi
Adam should wrap it like his s15
Evan Mielhausen
Evan Mielhausen 26 päeva tagasi
I don’t think Adam knows what blasting someone in thinner skin areas with pressurized air can do....😳 6:40
Noah Davison
Noah Davison 26 päeva tagasi
Doesn’t sound like they full throttle
Chris Topher
Chris Topher 26 päeva tagasi
Tommy will forever be a douche towards rudnik lmao
rhys read
rhys read 26 päeva tagasi
lol at 9:6 he said theres gunna be go kart nerds or something there sure is mate i am the one i do karting for a living in the uk
Karl Bodin
Karl Bodin 26 päeva tagasi
Putt turbos om them
Mark Ireland
Mark Ireland 26 päeva tagasi
Seeing someone who knows what they're doing with go kart tyres is crazy, have them fitted in the matter of seconds
Liam 12
Liam 12 26 päeva tagasi
Get a rotax or an x30 on the karts and get rid of the mower engines
gp1234567ful 26 päeva tagasi
Isn't meniscus a part of your knee?
jhaze918 26 päeva tagasi
BLVCKNESS 26 päeva tagasi
Get a shifter cart
Coda Sheppard
Coda Sheppard 27 päeva tagasi
Nice porsche, we got the same but with a wing :)
Adrian Graham
Adrian Graham 27 päeva tagasi
19:40 God bless him for remembering Blank Check!
Caleb Spurgeon
Caleb Spurgeon 27 päeva tagasi
how much horsepower does the go kart have
REDZACK 27 päeva tagasi
you have to Wrap those like your cars, for example do one with the fd livery, one with the white red skyline livery, one in the clean blue of the e36, one with the pink and lime of colettes z etc
Jack McFarland
Jack McFarland 27 päeva tagasi
Is that your moms ls3 swap car taken apart in the back?
Mark 27 päeva tagasi
All Hands on deck lol
ادم ديفيدز
ادم ديفيدز 27 päeva tagasi
Didn’t nobody notice the Supra 😍 11:52
grono2222 27 päeva tagasi
I am pretty sure that someone is going to get hurt soon. Probably Rudnick xD
domainjester 27 päeva tagasi
Grant looks fucking great like that
kyle koster
kyle koster 27 päeva tagasi
I'm not a super close follower of AdamLZ but I do really enjoy his videos' when I see them, I'm not totally up to date with info forgive me if everyone but me knows. Is he closeted or is he openly gay???? Also what's the deal wit his GF collate? is that for channel benefits or what?
Mack Mikula
Mack Mikula 27 päeva tagasi
PVC drift sleeves ?????? tandems?????
Awethentik 27 päeva tagasi
Fucking love it!
Koz4Christ 27 päeva tagasi
*Cough Cough* Helmets *Cough Cough*
Skeeeler 27 päeva tagasi
You guys need to get some 2 stroke go karts. They haul
azhar alfiansyah
azhar alfiansyah 27 päeva tagasi
Gocard 3 rotor
kenneth litle
kenneth litle 27 päeva tagasi
bru your next vd your moms Pontiac is gonna be striped
Peter Salas
Peter Salas 27 päeva tagasi
grant and tommy special appearance makes adam happy and us happy
Cooper Larson
Cooper Larson 27 päeva tagasi
they make a tool to change go-kart tires its called the turbo tire changer
Justin'z SRT8
Justin'z SRT8 27 päeva tagasi
Gram looks like a big eared marlboro smoker
Ellis Berry
Ellis Berry 27 päeva tagasi
If you don’t engine swap one of these
FillHerGuts 27 päeva tagasi
I don't like that shot you did on California. A lot of your subscribers are from California I'll tell you this right now anyone subscribe to you doesn't want no damn electric go kart that's for sure. Maybe a turboed go-kart. Come on Adam
bos200409 27 päeva tagasi
Meniscus is when the fluid is above the edge not below...and wear a helmet already
Bear 27 päeva tagasi
Ok I’d just drive the M4 stock 😔
KeystoneRider 27 päeva tagasi
Go power sports might be able to help us out. Plenty of go cart mini bike channels out there.
SIlver Cross
SIlver Cross 27 päeva tagasi
im not even gonna lie but even tho i was subbed for years to Adam i never really watched him, but with this new place ive seen every vid and ill most likely keep watching, they look really interesting and cant wait for what new content he'll bring out from this place
Vincent vallis
Vincent vallis 27 päeva tagasi
All I could think about is Mario kart 🤣🤣
ATownPyro 27 päeva tagasi
Dress up as the Mario characters and go drive the carts!
LurkMoar101 27 päeva tagasi
1:50 Wonder where Collete is, haven't see her for a while. Oh there she is, hiding in that building with that strange man. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm
Kyle Mikels
Kyle Mikels 27 päeva tagasi
adam riding a go kart is the greatest thing ive seen all week, i dont know why its so funny
Shivnil Lal
Shivnil Lal 27 päeva tagasi
3 men 1 wheel
Jared Pratt
Jared Pratt 27 päeva tagasi
Key for speed on these RX karts especially is to put the seat up as far forward as you can and adjust the pedals accordingly. They also make pads for these seats that are good for both comfort and make the seat hug you. Miss racing these things! Good luck and ride safe!
Mariano Paz
Mariano Paz 27 päeva tagasi
marco looks like one of the dudes from trailer park boys: change my mind
You need to do the LZ 500 and get everyone who raced at the FF 500 to race
Josh Kersey
Josh Kersey 27 päeva tagasi
Please spray paint them wild colors
Cole Mattek
Cole Mattek 27 päeva tagasi
Is that a Supra!(11:50)
ChrisEsposito 27 päeva tagasi
hit me up if u get stuck in myrtle beach . i got toys to race around too...
Somedillboi 27 päeva tagasi
Don’t wanna be that guy but where’s the brain buckets
Luc Lepore
Luc Lepore 27 päeva tagasi
Tommy is absilutley god teir lmfao
ProCompSolutions 27 päeva tagasi
USE seafoam the carb is junked up... Run alot of seafoam through that thing she will run like a TOP
Cody James
Cody James 27 päeva tagasi
Adam complains damn near every video about back pain then buys 6 go-karts.
where's fillman86
where's fillman86 27 päeva tagasi
LW swap it
Cody Gill
Cody Gill 27 päeva tagasi
What sunglasses is Adam wearing?
killa games
killa games 27 päeva tagasi
when u think u have mates that invite u over, no thay just want free labour.
Ashton Hunter
Ashton Hunter 27 päeva tagasi
You should get crazy carts
Evan McGee
Evan McGee 27 päeva tagasi
Can you change the instrumental beats to instrumental hardcore
Ray Ramirez
Ray Ramirez 27 päeva tagasi
21:03 🍊 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Ray Ramirez
Ray Ramirez 27 päeva tagasi
Nintendo Mario Formula Drift Adam Kart
The Sigma Enigma
The Sigma Enigma 27 päeva tagasi
Yoooo I remember Blank Check! It was an old Disney movie. I remember watching it as a kid. When he puts the water slide in his room I was like "I need that sort of life".
Bl3 28 päeva tagasi
its too loud? buy a 50$ box of ear plug for every time you use it
Nathenial 28 päeva tagasi
Watch out for bananna skins.
Vern M
Vern M 28 päeva tagasi
seems with a helmet on it won't seem as loud, maybe you need to go back and buy the other carts. you need some Garden Solar lights (about 50 ) to place around the truck so you can drive at night with Dual flash lights mounted on the front bumpers.
AngeredChief062 28 päeva tagasi
Hey Adam, I’d recommend in a video give it a shot, but next time you use the go karts chuck a bucket of water over an area and everything changes. Love these keep up the work
Jonathon Robinson
Jonathon Robinson 28 päeva tagasi
Time to clean the carburator
Adam McCartney
Adam McCartney 28 päeva tagasi
When American’s get amazed at VW diesel mileage 😂
Jack Cady
Jack Cady 28 päeva tagasi
Shoulda got the two stroke ones there way faster and sound really good
donkyuhbuhts540 28 päeva tagasi
The accuracy of the blank check comment
Chris 28 päeva tagasi
Grit lookin mad diff without the beard
Devin 28 päeva tagasi
Someone is going to be decapitated on one of these carts, be careful
pXXXurp 28 päeva tagasi
So is there a reason why we can't have captions?
Turbojunki 28 päeva tagasi
Should’ve bought a 1/2 drill
brendan donath
brendan donath 28 päeva tagasi
Take the governors of they will go like 50 mph
Imtiyaas Samuels
Imtiyaas Samuels 28 päeva tagasi
build a drift trike
RTJoJo 28 päeva tagasi
Now you have to deflate the tyres and wrap them with 10" pvc for drift tyres life the trikes have!!
Christian Buczko
Christian Buczko 28 päeva tagasi
Watch power republic channel for gokart info. On tyres, use a heatgun to warm them before removal and fitting as it softens them up and makes it easier. A tyre removal kit is quite cheap to buy and highly recommended too. Tyre pressure should be around 14psi. Setting up a gokart is also important and power republic channel will explain caster/camber adjustments, balance and weights ect. You can adjust how it oversteers or understeers to custom tune to your requirements.
Aaron Howard
Aaron Howard 28 päeva tagasi
Really want a go-kart to be in the FD livery???
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