Competing in my S15 @ Klutch Kickers Round 1!

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Adam LZ

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After some unfortunate luck with my e36 we last minute threw the S15 together to compete. Overall I had a blast and got WAY more comfortable in the car. This video turned out RAD and I hope you all enjoy it!

Luka RC
Luka RC 2 päeva tagasi
If I owned that s15 and drove it on the street I would go to Gail in 10 minutes
Julia Morais
Julia Morais 4 päeva tagasi
Brother i love you baby
Joey Beaudry
Joey Beaudry 10 päeva tagasi
dude those drone shots of chasing the cars is insane
MidNigHT Run
MidNigHT Run 15 päeva tagasi
4:33 in the video OPPS! there gose a JDM tail light
Eddie S
Eddie S 17 päeva tagasi
Thank you! As always...what a ride! Congrats. You've got some mad skills brotha and a hell of a team.
Dale Despy
Dale Despy 17 päeva tagasi
I noticed when you kn the brakes mid corner your inside wheel locks up which could be changing the characteristics of the handling , I don't know much about drifting but I'm very involved with circuit racing and for me it could change things a little
Nate Perry
Nate Perry 22 päeva tagasi
Hulls such a loser lol
Nate Perry
Nate Perry 22 päeva tagasi
that track looked BUMPY
Howard Hardee
Howard Hardee 22 päeva tagasi
Joe love is my uncle in the Nissan 240
Rett Reynolds
Rett Reynolds 25 päeva tagasi
At 15:00 he started talking like shaggy off scooby doo.
CONMAN Місяць tagasi
suprised you havnt blown up your car not running a radiator!!!!!
Jan Grzelakowski
Jan Grzelakowski Місяць tagasi
poor rear bumper
KS Spazz
KS Spazz Місяць tagasi
I saw myself in the crowd let’s go
Vishnu Veyron
Vishnu Veyron Місяць tagasi
the track is kinda sus
inradic Місяць tagasi
Dominic Robson
Dominic Robson Місяць tagasi
The car looks and sounds sooo good 👏🏻🔥
Anita Montero
Anita Montero Місяць tagasi
3500 for a 500k setup. I’m never going to make especially only having a sick pushy. Good fun but. Love it mr LZ
Isaac Dillon
Isaac Dillon Місяць tagasi
how much hp does this s15 have?
Samantha Luck
Samantha Luck Місяць tagasi
That car is sick what engine is in it I couldn’t really tell
Nick Caputo
Nick Caputo Місяць tagasi
I don’t understand why I sleep on LZ’s content so much, whenever I watch it I love it.
Jerry Larios
Jerry Larios Місяць tagasi
Love the s15 but I kinda hate what was meant to be a event for the little guys getting taken over by pro level cars congrats tho
Andres Mendoza
Andres Mendoza Місяць tagasi
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Orlando J. Hardin12
Orlando J. Hardin12 Місяць tagasi
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Orlando J. Hardin12 Місяць tagasi
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Mîköl Pharley
Mîköl Pharley Місяць tagasi
Is it me or is he giving off a Lt. Dangle vibe with them glasses 🤓
PatrykDaCrule Місяць tagasi
29:13 most best intense tandem drift ever had me jumping out of my chair so close and perfect
Vapist F
Vapist F Місяць tagasi
I know nothinn about photography but the light exposure on that drone ain’t right
Strife Місяць tagasi
That drone pilot is so sick.
Cody West
Cody West Місяць tagasi
god damn you ran it s hard, that shit was 👏
Yt Beanie
Yt Beanie Місяць tagasi
Hey Adam love the vids man 😁 um but what engine is in it ? Love to know
Shhhmurda Місяць tagasi
15:12 not bhed good soyze
Brandon Mitchell
Brandon Mitchell Місяць tagasi
You really hated that first cone at the end of turn 1
ELTRAPPO 931 Місяць tagasi
man your life is amazing haha
jessica caley
jessica caley Місяць tagasi
Adam is a is still new to formula drift and is already good in drift events
Chris Aracena
Chris Aracena Місяць tagasi
Why do you have trouble getting the car into crazy angle , whenever you drive with someone else in the s15 your not as sideways ????
The Scotts
The Scotts Місяць tagasi
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Nathan Hood
Nathan Hood Місяць tagasi
Alec also straight up ran into your fender... and didn't receive a fault from that!? Let alone the complete straighten... C'mon
Humberto Garcia
Humberto Garcia Місяць tagasi
Would be sick to get a Pedal cam from time to time in the drifting videos. Either way great content my guy!
Shadiix Місяць tagasi
Bro that was just awesome!
Christopher Woodie
Christopher Woodie Місяць tagasi
I see a WHOLE few feint initiations lmao its like nobody on the east coast knows style, Im just glad the Lzed can tandem great tho! Still needs to feint drift more tho!
arkir Місяць tagasi
That chase on the red 350z was phenominal. So fuckin agressive. Clear win i thought.
Radius Місяць tagasi
Love the flaming intro
Alex Jackson
Alex Jackson Місяць tagasi
Adam. This years liverly for the s15 should be white... With bright blue. Chrome blue chrome silver and gloss black shit..
Jakub Dabrowski
Jakub Dabrowski Місяць tagasi
polska gurom - ecu master
James H
James H Місяць tagasi
Man, awesome job to Ben on getting 5th!
Ean Keggan
Ean Keggan Місяць tagasi
Adam definitely beat Alec
Ean Keggan
Ean Keggan Місяць tagasi
He needs to get sponsored by forza so we can have the s15 in forza
Banks :0
Banks :0 Місяць tagasi
Love the vid
Downshift Місяць tagasi
Crazy crazy impressive driving, stupid sick burnout 🔥 Great video 🇦🇺
N P Місяць tagasi
No way Alex won that! Should ha e been a OMT at least. Loving the drone shots, brings a great new perspective to the races.
Luke Mtb
Luke Mtb Місяць tagasi
You should watch some of james Deanes new build. Simple and none of this moaning about setup just get in and drive. A bad worker always blames his tools
Makhi henderson
Makhi henderson Місяць tagasi
does he still racing pro1 ?
Cole Місяць tagasi
nice job
tay ohh
tay ohh Місяць tagasi
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G N O M E Місяць tagasi
Why does that rear tire look like a drag tire
Moses Solorio
Moses Solorio Місяць tagasi
When you will be going back to the mother land 🇯🇵??
Johnny Boii
Johnny Boii Місяць tagasi
I wish I could hit the like button more. This is so amazing dude! I would love to do this one day.
Pilon Місяць tagasi
its awesome that adam has taken us all and kind given us a peek at what goes on behind the scenes of a pro 1 team and car. I never knew it was so much work and complicated
BBOZGamer2017 Місяць tagasi
your wheels reallyy be looking meaty enough to be a offroad tire
Dylan Pragji
Dylan Pragji Місяць tagasi
Adam where is the r32
Carlos Alvarez
Carlos Alvarez Місяць tagasi
28:24 Ref- adam make sure we dont call a draw on y'alls next go Adam- sayless
DaGrumpz Місяць tagasi
Collete and her "torque wrench" tho!
SV Місяць tagasi
Me: watch the first 14 seconds of the montage -> like ok now I can continue watching
Jeffrey Bamford
Jeffrey Bamford Місяць tagasi
I didn't see the need to rerun it I thought you had easy ..
BK28 Vids
BK28 Vids Місяць tagasi
18:14 that v8 sounds beautiful🤩
Brandon Farrington
Brandon Farrington Місяць tagasi
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BK28 Vids
BK28 Vids Місяць tagasi
12:32 song nowwwww
Brandon Farrington
Brandon Farrington Місяць tagasi
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Tony Forster
Tony Forster Місяць tagasi
37:08 how did hohnadell win in 2nd run wen he touched adams front wheel & strighted
Rob waz
Rob waz Місяць tagasi
This event was sick
ass_pro_shops Місяць tagasi
Omt?? Really??
ass_pro_shops Місяць tagasi
Nate's car is one of my favorite. So sick seeing y'all tandem
Eb Outdooredits
Eb Outdooredits Місяць tagasi
Is there a reason why they use underglows at night when drifting or does it just look sick?
Beatrush Місяць tagasi
Amazing battles 👍🏻
Brian Valafar
Brian Valafar Місяць tagasi
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megadesk Місяць tagasi
Adams rear bumper needs some milk
Terrell Teague
Terrell Teague Місяць tagasi
Props to whomever gets the drone footage🙏🙏🙏
mikeXpapa Місяць tagasi
Huge Shoutout to NUBBFPV for the drone footage.
Nate Paynter
Nate Paynter Місяць tagasi
I love the car stuff but man I miss when Adam was hardcore into bmx
Rock out G
Rock out G Місяць tagasi
Wish james deane was there
Kobe Місяць tagasi
Crazy how far u have came. Keep up the good work
BobbyBuffet Місяць tagasi
Too often when im watching clips involving Hull I think to myself, "wow what an utter piece of shit driving like that"
endopain ss
endopain ss Місяць tagasi
Who ever did the editing props to you man
LeaderSmordle Місяць tagasi
adam, remember those bmx days? me too.
Trev Monaghan
Trev Monaghan Місяць tagasi
Dude u should of won that run whateva
fussy Місяць tagasi
this was my fav video to date. nice fuckin job!
Alexander Domke
Alexander Domke Місяць tagasi
3mins in saw Nate Hamilton, he’s a G! Vans needs to sponsor him like ASAP. Can’t wait for the rest of the video. Heard all great things about Klutch Kickers last year.
heikkne Місяць tagasi
27:11 the car looks like a fucking monster. Reminds me of Group B rally cars lol.
Satoshi Film
Satoshi Film Місяць tagasi
I watched the rev limiter hood at 36:38 like four times
Chris H
Chris H Місяць tagasi
You got robbed once again
Cory Silver
Cory Silver Місяць tagasi
This dude is overrated my boy taylor ray is ripping this track on his first lap on a clapped out miata better than this "pro"
HEMI POWER Місяць tagasi
I enjoy watching the drone better than the car 🚗
lightnslim Місяць tagasi
adam ur drifting style sucks go back doing 360s on ur bike
MicahG Місяць tagasi
You absolutely insane Adam your a legend🏁
After midnight racing Chris
After midnight racing Chris Місяць tagasi
WTF IS WITH THE REAR TIRE SIZE REMINDS ME OF THAT CAR FROM JOE DIRT OR ANY OTHER LIKE 80’s i’roc Camaro with the small tires on the front big giant sidewall 14 inch wide tires in the bag with the crazy rake just need a Mulet and linarskinard blasting from your pit hahaha no hate all love just don’t really know wtf that’s about I was “away” for 90 days so I’m all kinda behind lolz plz forgive
JacobR Media
JacobR Media Місяць tagasi
The fact that he was able to drive that well with a failing drive train. Just goes to show how good of a driver Adam is
Josh Kim
Josh Kim Місяць tagasi
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Діма Пастух
Діма Пастух Місяць tagasi
Стилов на максималках🤣
Ceezy FG
Ceezy FG Місяць tagasi
halfway into the video i realized he was the person in the passenger seat 🤣
Htown905 Місяць tagasi
I’m convinced Adam makes his rear bumpers hang off on purpose 😂😂
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