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RS6 Avant Gets Custom 3 Piece Wheels!
R34 GTR Hits the DYNO!
Місяць tagasi
I can't keep up with my Girlfriend...
R34 GTR Hits the STREETS!
Місяць tagasi
Muham Ma
Muham Ma 13 tundi tagasi
It needs a stage 2 rahamanni performance with pops and bangs and rev limiter removed😜
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 13 tundi tagasi
can they just hurry up and make a hotwheels of your car
OvaisoniC 13 tundi tagasi
Gt3rs sound more good !
Melanie Clare
Melanie Clare 13 tundi tagasi
Your finances are nobody’s business, thanks for the great videos
TT-RS 13 tundi tagasi
Is that exhaust about 12t€ ?
Rodger 13 tundi tagasi
I love the constructive comments regarding machinery and not seeing any hate.
Jeyithran Kumaar
Jeyithran Kumaar 13 tundi tagasi
I have a skateboard on my chanal i use a skateboard but now i use a bmx
DJRuben GamingTV
DJRuben GamingTV 14 tundi tagasi
Put it in First Gear and hold the 2 peddels and Free Rev it Adam !
Hayden 14 tundi tagasi
Why don’t you paint the concrete? It’s gonna preserve it so much longer
Sk4tT4 bR4iN
Sk4tT4 bR4iN 14 tundi tagasi
12:05 That is such a well balanced sound, so so good.
Liam G
Liam G 14 tundi tagasi
Man that is an absolutely crazy launch, great video!
Div 14 tundi tagasi
I forgot he had an e46 m3
Wasi Saif
Wasi Saif 14 tundi tagasi
fpsflixzz 14 tundi tagasi
That FD Ferrari is badass
Radek Dušička
Radek Dušička 14 tundi tagasi
Roof rack on coupe 🤢 that exhaust is top 🔥🔥
Mikey Francis
Mikey Francis 14 tundi tagasi
Can we please get some content on the e46 m3!!
FMA146 14 tundi tagasi
Ever since you moved to the compound content been 💩
Jan Petke
Jan Petke 14 tundi tagasi
What kind of wheel - the new black one - do you now use on your Turbo S? Are these Porsche originals Wheels?
Akhil Borod
Akhil Borod 14 tundi tagasi
Still love the gt3 rs
Emavs33 15 tundi tagasi
Driftking2020 15 tundi tagasi
It dosnt sound much louder it just had more pops and spool
Ambition-pk 15 tundi tagasi
Taking bets on how long until the cats get pulled
Duncan Donovan
Duncan Donovan 15 tundi tagasi
Sounds much better 👍 *now hide all the tools and stay away from the Porsche*
sniper sam002
sniper sam002 15 tundi tagasi
Tell him to put his damn seat belt on😂
d pizzle
d pizzle 16 tundi tagasi
That rear rail light is sick af!
Isaac Gonzales
Isaac Gonzales 16 tundi tagasi
Just a normal day in Washington
Boss Media
Boss Media 16 tundi tagasi
Ok funny note there was actually a dyson ad on this video that’s great
Cole McConnell
Cole McConnell 16 tundi tagasi
Free The Plug
Free The Plug 16 tundi tagasi
Hands down one of the best cars ever made!
Ghassan Radwan
Ghassan Radwan 16 tundi tagasi
The seatbelt chime sounds straight up like a church
MAKE ME POPULAR 16 tundi tagasi
If there’s any sport car/ super car I want it’s definitely a Porsche
Tashinga Nyandoro
Tashinga Nyandoro 16 tundi tagasi
Mods already lol. Adam never disappoints the modding community.
TheChrisglasgow 16 tundi tagasi
Looks like a 10 year old with a moustache. Someone buy this guy a razer ffs
RcNickster 16 tundi tagasi
OH Baby!!! That sounds SO much better!!! Great addition
Callum Burton
Callum Burton 16 tundi tagasi
Good video Adam😃👍
Khallari 16 tundi tagasi
Do you still bmx AdamLZ.
Work Shop
Work Shop 16 tundi tagasi
hmm, sounds soft... i know youtube pop pop pop is the thing, but it still sounds eh..
Mathias Viklund
Mathias Viklund 16 tundi tagasi
Just missing the TECHART aero!
Hrjf Jfktk
Hrjf Jfktk 16 tundi tagasi
Adrian Ware
Adrian Ware 16 tundi tagasi
Did this replace the red one?
Aaron TheOCat
Aaron TheOCat 17 tundi tagasi
just change it back to stock then take it back if it breaks loool
tesla pete
tesla pete 17 tundi tagasi
remove cats please
Doug Gardner
Doug Gardner 17 tundi tagasi
Was that a benchmade knife?
James T
James T 17 tundi tagasi
Cats get hot not from the fir location from the turbo or manifold - that just makes them warm quicker and start functioning... Cats get hot because the use approximately 10% fuel to start the exothermic reaction that converts the monoxide’s into H2O and CO2, that reaction is where the heat comes from.... to much fuel and the ceramic core melts.
J D 17 tundi tagasi
I love how he calls it a porch not Porsche
R-8 17 tundi tagasi
3:31 *They sound the same*
Dom Pitti
Dom Pitti 17 tundi tagasi
Turn the turbo s into your new comp drifter
Daniel Kippen
Daniel Kippen 17 tundi tagasi
Please don’t roof rack the Turbo S
c m
c m 17 tundi tagasi
Still sounds sh1t
hardhag garage
hardhag garage 17 tundi tagasi
Gotta ball out and get a sprinkler system and grow golf cours grass to lower the dust.
antonio walker
antonio walker 17 tundi tagasi
Where is the 370z
antonio walker
antonio walker 17 tundi tagasi
Where is the 370z
Hezekiah Carlisle
Hezekiah Carlisle 17 tundi tagasi
That porche launch tho🔥🔥🔥
Josue Noriega
Josue Noriega 17 tundi tagasi
Take the cats outtttt😂😂
Nathan Oakley
Nathan Oakley 17 tundi tagasi
Replace the lighting in the roof of the loft to a flush mount LED downlight, you’ll get rid of the spot effect of the existing lights and have a better spread for filming 🤙
Pizza Magee
Pizza Magee 18 tundi tagasi
Fabspeed gt2rs style is what you really needed.
Jadon Mckenzie
Jadon Mckenzie 18 tundi tagasi
Adamlz would u give out a free car? What car will it be??
Supreme _F_U
Supreme _F_U 18 tundi tagasi
Cool side hawk
Juan Briones
Juan Briones 18 tundi tagasi
I got this video randomly recommend to me
Nathan Bejan
Nathan Bejan 18 tundi tagasi
Man do I hope Adam gets back his first bmw. I wanna see what he’d do to that thing!
Flavio Cezaretti
Flavio Cezaretti 18 tundi tagasi
$$$ ?
Cheddy brown56
Cheddy brown56 18 tundi tagasi
Keep a car meet in the future
Hummus From The Block
Hummus From The Block 18 tundi tagasi
This aboutta be good
Tyler Margason
Tyler Margason 18 tundi tagasi
I’ve never been a big Porsche fan but this makes me want a gt3
Thomas Baker
Thomas Baker 18 tundi tagasi
I wish it was louder
Spooler 18 tundi tagasi
Turbo cars don't need mufflers. The turbos are the mufflers.
Trinn 18 tundi tagasi
calling that a spin? MaN Had Fuggin angle
Danger Dave
Danger Dave 18 tundi tagasi
From Vacuum cleaner to popcorn maker.....Left poor Mike eatin' the dust.
Ironcraft 18 tundi tagasi
Those 200 miles went quick
Supradrew™ 18 tundi tagasi
Ah… good times.
madcanic 18 tundi tagasi
sweet is that a benchmade knifee?? now get a microtech out the front knife
Kai Durst
Kai Durst 19 tundi tagasi
Inconel is what we use to build Nascar headers
David Brennan
David Brennan 19 tundi tagasi
The picture makes me want to watch it just to figure out how you had a 15ft straight section on a rear engine car 🤣🤣🤣
Jdm Guy
Jdm Guy 19 tundi tagasi
I cringe everytime you say Panamera
Luc Luc
Luc Luc 19 tundi tagasi
I’m only 2:53 in but I just realised Adam is holding a 6 metre long the of pipe in the thumb nail but the Porsche is a rear engine car.
budy emme
budy emme 19 tundi tagasi
I suspect cats will be deleted soon
Review It
Review It 19 tundi tagasi
Put it in drive hold both the paddle and you can rev to 9k rpm
Cameron Urias
Cameron Urias 19 tundi tagasi
Bro the 992 sounds like a monster 💯🤘🏻🔥🔥🔥
Tudor Popa
Tudor Popa 19 tundi tagasi
Tune it at ES Motors in UK. Best in the business
Dalin Baldwin
Dalin Baldwin 19 tundi tagasi
Those cats aren't gonna stay there too long